My Shoes Know & So Does My Cat, Thomas

Thomas on my shoes brighterJust recently I noticed my cat, Thomas, started laying on my shoes (which he has never done before) so I asked him why he was doing this.  Suddenly I saw a forest form around him.  I knew immediately he was picking up on the recent visit I had to the Carson National Forest.  It all felt so amazingly magical and astounding that he was sensing this from my shoes!!!

Just as I was receiving this remarkable image from him, he then showed me through another image that he was communicating with the elves (yes, elves!!!) that I encountered while I was there.  This absolutely blew me away!!!

Here is how that encounter came about.  As a friend and I were walking along a trail, suddenly I saw through my mind’s eye groupings of elves at the edge of a line of trees.  One female elf slowly walked beyond the trees to where me and my friend were. 

She gave me the feeling that she felt perfectly safe approaching us.  I could sense a deep curiosity in her as she approached me and reached out her hand to feel the fabric of the shorts I was wearing.  She did the same to my friend.  Then she wrapped her arms around the lower portion of my friend’s legs and afterwards she placed her hands on the top of her sandaled feet.   

Finally, she turned around and started walking back to the tree line where the grouping of elves remained.  She then slightly turned her head to look back at me and told me to come back again!!! HOLY POINTED EARS!!!

I have always felt that animals are so connected to us and our world in many ways beyond our awareness and this absolutely confirmed that. What it also did was deepened that awareness and reaffirmed that everything has an energy vibration and a story to tell…yes, even my shoes!!!

Thank you, Thomas, for being my master teacher and sharing with me this absolutely profound experience.

So how has your animal companion brightened your day and/or brought about a new or deeper awareness into your life?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s.  By the way, when I asked the female elf what was her name she told me it was Anisa.  Enjoy the pictorial art piece of Anisa and the family of community elves!

Anisa and the Elf Family

The Foxes & their Amazing Fun-Loving Friends

When my brother moved into his house a couple of years ago, he was told that there were foxes that lived around the area.  Occasionally, he had caught sight of them but this particular time when they showed up across the road, he wanted me to see them too. 

So he placed his laptop at the front window hoping I could see them.  He mentioned that the foxes (which included young cubs) looked like they were hopping and jumping around and could I see that.  I only saw some slight movement on the screen.

Then all of a sudden through my mind’s eye I saw an image of a close up view of what was going on with the foxes and why they were hopping and jumping around.  The foxes were playing with what looked like young elf boys!!!  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect to see something like this!!!

As I continued watching, I saw how the foxes and elves were having the best time gleefully romping around.  It all felt so lighthearted, joyful, and just plain fun to watch them at play.

As I shared this with my brother, I intuitively knew that there was a message here for him and it certainly was pertinent for me too!  It was a reminder to feel the lightness, playfulness, and joy of life even when going through challenging times. 

It became even more apparent how relevant this message was when it was discovered that the recent bang on the head he experienced was a mild concussion.   This prevented him from going to work and created a variety of life challenges.   

It’s been a slow process of recovery for him with many ups and downs. The good news is that after a couple of months of rest and a variety of treatments, he was recently given the go ahead to return to work for a couple of hours a day!

I am so grateful for the foxes and elves sharing with me their fun-loving antics and it still amazes me how support can come in such awe-inspiring ways.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the pictorial art piece I composed of the joyful, playful foxes and elves! I hope you can feel the joy beaming from their play!

Fox and Leprechauns2-Recovered

Snake Medicine

As I was traveling in our very small town, I saw a car in front of me move slowly to the other side of the road.   As I approached this area driving normally, I suddenly saw a snake in the road and quickly turned to avoid running over it.

Even though I am very afraid of snakes, I knew I had to turn around to get the snake out of the road.  As I pulled into a dirt parking area, I jumped out of my car, quickly walked to be in front of the snake, and motioned to any cars to go around the snake so not to run over it.

What was going through my mind was how am I going to get this snake out of the road.  I then remembered that I had a walking stick in the trunk of my car.  I quickly went to get it and as I was walking back a car ran over the snake.  My heart sank!!!

I watched the snake take its last movement knowing the snake was dead.  With the walking stick, I gently moved the snake out of the road.  Once I arrived home, I felt an overwhelming deep sadness come over me.

As I was going into that sadness, all of a sudden I was transported to another place that had nothing but snakes living there.  I then noticed there were seven snakes that were standing upright looking at me.  Good grief!!!

I then heard one of the snakes say to me, “Don’t be sad. You took the time to help our snake friend. To thank you, we would like to give you snake medicine.”

All at once I was transported back to my home sitting in utter astonishment of this experience!!!  It brought such a deeper awareness of how our animal friends (yes, even snakes) do appreciate the support we give them and are so gracious in their appreciation.

I don’t know if I still fully understand all of the snake medicine that was given to me yet I’m watchful to see how it may appear in my life.  I did notice after this experience that I was less afraid of snakes!

So when have you helped an animal friend in need of assistance and how in any way did it change you?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Here is a pictorial art piece I composed to honor our snake friends called the Seven Snakes.

Seven Snakes


Airing Out My Dirty Laundry

PalaminaI am very fortunate to have a nice clothesline in the back of my place which I use mainly for hanging out my bedding.  So one sunny day out goes my bedding on the clothesline and I’m thinking how nice it will be to be sleeping on the freshly air-dried bedding that night. 

Just as I was about to take down the bedding, I was so surprised to see almost all the corners were soiled with what looked like dirt.  I’m scratching my head wondering how in the world did this happen.  All kinds of things went through my mind yet none of them could explain how this came about.

What confused and surprised me is the next time I hung out my bedding the same thing happened!!!  Go figure!!!  It took the third time that the mystery of airing out my dirty laundry was solved!!!

As I turned the corner to the clothesline, the horse from the next pasture had one end of my sheet in her mouth waving it up it down.  The minute she saw me she went galloping out into the pasture.  I now knew how the ends of my bedding got so soiled.  What a relief!

Knowing that animals (and they do not have to be your own) are always teaching a lesson, I got quiet and connected with the horse to see what was the lesson here.  What I heard her say is PLAY.  I then thanked her for the message.

Some time later I met a new friend and guess what?  She loves to play games and has numerous board and card games!  BINGO!!!  And now about every week or so we get together and play games.

I’m so amazed and grateful at how our animal friends are always supporting us in being our best and that I’m able to connect with them to hear their lesson!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the picture of the playful teacher of a horse named Palomina.

We Brought This Cat To You

ThomasGandhiMini-pracpostIt took about a year after moving to the Black Hills of South Dakota for the appearance of a cat to show up lapping up the water from the birds’ water bowl.  The cat showed up mainly in the mornings.  I referred to him as the tom cat.   

One morning as I was sitting outside on the porch, the cat saw me, strolled over, and jumped in my lap.  He immediately stood on his hind legs, wrapped his paws around my neck, and gave me a hug. What surprised me was that I felt no pricking from his claws. 

The cat then found a comfortable place on my lap and took a cat nap.  I then discovered that this cat had no front claws.  My thought was this has to be somebody’s cat.  His morning visits continued over the weeks.

The weather forecast was predicting an overnight rain.  A friend recommended I bring the cat in.  I resisted.   First, because I thought he must belong to someone and second, at this time in my life I needed time to myself.  Taking care of my Father’s affairs after his passing away and putting down my dog, Ginger, had drained me.

So it rained hard that particular night and as I came out to fill up the bird feeder, around the corner of the house came the tom cat drenching and dripping wet.   That was it.  I had to do something.  I got a towel, wrapped him up, and brought him inside.

Still feeling he was someone’s cat, I placed flyers around the town.  As I was placing the last flyer up, I heard within me a distinct, clear voice say, “We brought this cat to you.”  I then said to myself I will give it two weeks and if nobody claims him I will.  I was not surprised when no one responded to the flyer.

So about a couple weeks later, I was reading the Letter to the Editor page where a town resident was warning that stray cats were being rounded up, taken to the dump, and were being shot!!!  My heart sank!!!  I now knew why I was given that message.

To this day, I have such a deep gratitude for this tom cat coming into my life and oh, what lessons he is teaching me.

So when have you resisted signs or messages that was guiding you and what happened to help you to follow through on that guidance?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the picture of my cat, Thomas, (taken from tom cat).  He’s a big boy weighing in at about 16 pounds.  Oh, by the way, his full name is Thomas Tiger True Heart!♥♥♥

The River Spirit God

embudo-river-spirit-godp-e1553784993982.jpgIt was around the time when the Water Protectors in North Dakota was protesting  against the building of the pipeline.   I so wanted to champion their cause and did send funds in support of their efforts.  I did not realize how that desire would bring about such a deep, profound experience. 

The river that flows through our small town became a perfect place where a blessing of the water ceremony was to take place in support of the Water Protectors’ cause.  I was so excited about participating.  Then at the very last minute I was guided not to go.  I struggled with this guidance as I watched the clock and knew the ceremony was beginning. 

As I sat in my chair gazing out the window, I was trying to sense the ceremony within my being.  Then I saw (in a vision thru my mind’s eye) a swirling energy form in the river by the edge of the property where I live.  It continued to swirl upward until I saw a face form.  I was in awe! 

The completely formed swirling river being streamed from the river to hovering over my rooftop.  The face stared at me intensely as I was wondering what was going to happen next.  Then these words formed out of my mouth, “Go forth.” 

Immediately the river being transformed into a beam of bright water as it traveled swiftly in the sky northward.  Then I see the beam dive into the river where the Water Protectors were.  To say I was in total amazement is an understatement!!!

Even though I have always felt a kinship to our natural resources, this experience deepen my gratitude.  I hope sharing this experience helps you to become more aware of the aliveness of our natural water resources and to come to have a deeper appreciation of how precious our water is to all on this planet.

So when did you struggle with your own inner guidance and what experiences have you had that changed you at a deeper level.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the pictorial artwork I composed based on the image of the river being I saw in the vision.  I now refer to this being as the River Spirit God.


My Mother Sent Me Spirit

White horse Sue Warner copyAs I sat by my computer gazing out of the front window, I was stunned and excited to see a white horse galloping down the dirt road.  I immediately dashed out of the door just to see two men on an ATV riding after the white horse.

After capture, I saw one of the two men walking this magnificent white stallion right by me.  I made a comment about the beauty of the horse as I felt such a magnetic drawing to the horse at my heart. The one man then confessed that he had not latched the coral gate and the horse went galloping off.

Even though I live in a rural area, seeing a sight like this is unusual yet I have come to trust what I call signs from the Universe.  This one really caught my attention.  I knew my dearly departed Mother was sending me support (she considered white horses to be good luck) as I was 6 weeks away from fulfilling my requirements of being certified as an animal communicator.

And oh, by the way, when I asked the man what was the horse’s name, he said his name is SPIRIT!!!  Just the sound of the horse’s name brought on a deep knowing that I would be certified as an animal communicator (certified in July 2018).  It helped me to relax and just have fun working towards my certification.  Thank you, Mom, for I am truly  grateful for your support through Spirit.

So what kind of signs have you received and what was the message it was bringing to you.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. OMG!!! Soon after I finished this blog I got a call from the my 101-year-old Aunt who I consider to be a bridge between my Mother and myself.  All she wanted to say is that she loved me.  I knew immediately that was a message from my mother knowing that I just completed this blog about her support for me.  What an amazing Universe!!!

p.s. The picture of the white horse painting so captures Spirit’s image and essence. It is so realistic!  Sue Warner is the artist.  Go to her facebook page to see more of her paintings –