The Garbage Bag and Can Teacher

How can a garbage bag and can be a teacher?  It all started with the numerous snowfalls we have had in my area.  The snow would slide off the tin roof and deposit small to larger piles around my home.  Normally these piles of snow do not cause any problems.   

However, when it came time to pull the garbage bag out to place my trash in it for pick up, it was frozen to the bottom of the can.  A nice pile of snow had formed around the garbage can from the sliding snow off the tin roof.  No problemo…I just got another garbage bag out of my stash and used that.

This continued for a couple of weeks with no signs of the bag becoming unstuck.  Then it occurred to me to move the garbage can to a sunny area in hopes it would unfreeze the bag.  No luck here since now the garbage can was stuck in frozen snow!

I tried to dislodge the garbage can and realized it was securely stuck.  I realized how tired I had become from trying to do this and I then felt a nudge to let it be.  My intuition was telling me just be patient.  I was sensing there would be an easier way of dealing with this.

I then came to realize that this situation was a metaphor for what I was personally going through.  I was working on letting go of old thinking and beliefs. I now could see how a garbage bag and can could be the perfect symbol for that.  I knew the message was to be patient.  An easier way would be presented and to trust in that.

The solution came in one quick intuitive flash as I was parking my car.  In the rear view mirror, I could see the garbage can. What I did (through that flash) was to continue driving slowly backward until I nudged the garbage can out of its frozen place.  I then heard a small popping noise and the garbage can was released and free again undamaged.  

Amazingly, it was like something inside of me did the same thing…pop then release.  Strange as it may seem, I felt a peacefulness come over me. I embraced that feeling and said thank you for how the solution came about in such an effortless way.

It was now possible to move the garbage can into a sunny spot and by the end of the day, I was able to pull the garbage bag out of the can.  One thing did surprise me.  It was the huge chunks of ice that clung to the bottom of the bag.  I felt those chunks represented fears within me that kept me weighted down.  With some shakes, the chunks fell off and now could easily be melted by the sun.  As I watched the smaller chunks melt away, it felt like my fears were melting away too.  All of this brought on such a relief and a feeling of lightness.

What did I learn from the garbage bag and can teacher?  To trust my intuition, be patient, and there is no need to exert more energy than what is needed.  A better way of dealing with things…be it big or small…will present itself.  Also, to remember that the most average things can be an avenue for learning even if it is a garbage bag and can.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I also want to note that ever-so-sweetly cooing pigeons spent time on top of the frozen garbage can (which hadn’t occurred before).  That melodic sound gave me the feeling of peacefulness as I patiently waited for a solution to be known to me.

Eagle Spirit Guide and Rescue Fundraiser Event

I have come to experience and know that there are spirit animals available that are here to love and support us. This became reinforced when I was given the opportunity to discover in one of my animal communication classes who my helper animal would be. Since that time, I have been introduced to a variety of spirit animals that are helping me.  

Here’s a little bit more about spirit animals.  First, it is a belief that a spirit animal will choose you and that they are a teacher or messenger.  They come in the form of animals to support you with lessons, protection, wisdom, balance, etc.   One can set an intention to have a spirit animal introduce themselves to you. Then be watchful as to how a spirit animal may pop up through books, movies, songs, dreams, and in a variety of other ways.

Spirit animals have come to me in my meditation time or they just appear in my mind’s eye.  How a spirit animal enters your life and works with you may be completely different than for me.  A spirit animal knows you and will know the best way to help you. That brings me to the most powerful spirit animal that has appeared recently in my life.  

It all began when I visited one of my spirit guides (an ascended master Native American Chief) in my meditation time.  As I entered his hut, on his outstretched right lower arm was the most regal bald eagle I have ever seen.  He quickly announced that this eagle was for me which took me by surprise to receive such a gift.  He then asked me to extend my right arm as he motioned to the eagle to fly to my arm.  

What caught me off guard was that the eagle felt as light as a feather on my arm.  A little pun here but oh so true!  I saw the eagle’s eyes lay a loving look at me that melted my heart.  It then came time to take a ride on the eagle’s back (how wild is this!).  As we flew above Mother Earth, he (I sensed it was a male eagle) showed me how to focus on small details as well as how to focus on the wide vision of things.

All throughout this ride I felt the strength, power, dignity, solidness, a wisdom that was coming from the eagle.  That feeling then started to surround me as I began to feel a part of this magnificent animal called eagle.  It made me think of how America has a bald eagle as the Nation’s animal and how we so much need eagle medicine right now.

As I reflected on this amazing experience, I thought about how I came to experience such things in my life.  For me it began as a desire to know myself and the world around me at a deeper level.  This desire is the reason I was drawn to animal communication. 

Everyday I’m more amazed by how much support we have available to us. There are those times I forget this yet I am reminded by experiences that have me opening my mouth fully with a ‘oh my God!!!’ coming out!

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I asked the bald eagle what its name was and he replied, “Baldwin.”

p.p.s. I am so excited to be teaming up with DAPS to participate in this rescue fundraiser event with 3 other fellow colleagues from the Animal Communication CollectiveTM.  To get more information and/or sign up go here:

The Animal Kingdom Peace Call

I have been doing a monthly blog/newsletter post yet in my recent meditative time I heard the Animal Kingdom speak to me.  They wanted me to share a message they have for us.  So through this additional blog/newsletter this month, here/hear is what came forth.

They are asking humanity to do everything they can to find the peace that is within themselves.  They are acting as a buffer for us.  They are very much aware of all the strife within us and within our land.  They will take on whatever they can to depressurize this. Their unconditional love will go to no end to support us even if it comes to their departure from this earth.

So they want us to take the time to discover, find, deepen, and connect to the peace within and to be a beacon of peace.  They tell me that we have the support of the Animal Kingdom and so many more that are working to restore the principles of love in our world.  Go in peace, walk in peace, be peace, our beloved human souls.

I do not have the words to express the unconditional love I felt through this message. It goes beyond words.  I am humbled by their unrelenting support and love for us that tears are streaming down my face.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


Self-Care with Sacred Cacao

About a year ago, I had what I’ll call my first attention to sacred cacao (not cocoa) through a video I watched.  It was like a door was gently being opened a wee bit.  I felt there was a beginning of a link to my spirit and cellular memory.  It wasn’t until about a month ago that the door was completely wide open into my attention.  I immediately took action and started my journey with preparing a sacred cacao drink and creating my own sacred cacao way.

When I started, I didn’t know too much about cacao other than it called to my heart and soul.  Since then I have learned that it is referred to as a superfood plant medicine due to many health benefits.  Some of the benefits are from lower blood pressure to preventing cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.  The official name of cacao is Theobroma cacao which means food of the gods. Cacao has had a long celebrated history of the Mesa-American and South American Indians for its curative properties.

As I lovingly sipped on cacao, I felt a peacefulness come over me.  However, what profoundly got my attention with cacao was sensing a deeper alertness to that wiser part of myself.  It felt like an energetic pathway was connecting to my heart.  I then sensed a strengthening and deepening to that special place within. I also had a pad and pen ready for messages from that deeper place.  To my surprise, every day I have received such enlightening messages and guidance.  

Sometimes I will set an intention like feeling centered, opening the heart, or bringing forth the qualities of my inner self.  Plus, I found it is essential to purge or let go of things that no longer are needed. It is also important to imagine and to act as if it has already happened sensing the emotions around that. 

Then there are other times I will write a question or a thought in my pad and leave room for the answer/insight to come.  I was so honored to have received a message about the animal kingdom and how I could bring about a deeper connection with them.  Also, my cat, Thomas, occasionally will snuggling up in my lap during my sacred cacao time.

What I came to realize is that cacao will fuel your intentions. This can be so helpful especially since we are ending/coming into a new year when many will be reviewing/establishing resolutions!

Welcoming sacred cacao in my life has enhanced this special time with myself and I am super grateful for that.  Most of all, I feel it is so essential in creating that special quiet space whether it be with sacred cacao or your own way. Ultimately, it will begin or deepen a journey to the amazing, magical, powerful, true person that you are.

Love, light, and happy new trails in 2021 and beyond!


p.s. I also experienced cacao linking me to the Mayan culture.  The Mayans revere cacao to this day and I do feel a connection to their ancient, spiritual cacao way.

What is the Purpose of Life & Special Discount

One way blog topics come to me is through some experience. I also have found that ideas for topics come when I’m in a quiet, meditative time.  So when the idea came to write about the purpose of life, I was daunted.  My first thought was there are so many ways to answer that question. Then I was reminded that early in the week, I heard that question posed on a video I was watching.  I was also being reminded I felt an answer come from within me after I heard that question.  

One thing I have come to try to do is to follow those answers that come from within. Here is what I felt and said out loud to that question.  What is the purpose of life – it is to love yourself and to love one another.

One thing I have noticed in many of my animal readings is the animal’s lesson to their human is to take better care of themselves (which is also a lesson for me too).  And the animals know and I really do feel we know that in order to love others, it is so important to be gentle, loving, and caring with ourselves.  The next word I heard after that answer was the word balance.  The feeling that came along with that word was how important it is to take care of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

That got me to look at my own life and where could I improve on loving myself.  One idea I already have integrated each morning is to cherish a cup of sacred cacao in my quiet time. I’ll share more about that in a future blog. One area of my life I could do better with is to incorporate some kind of gentle exercise of my body. I keep hearing to keep it simple and easy as you work with yourself in this way.

So what do you feel the purpose of life is? Spend some time with yourself and allow that question to go deep into your soul.  The answer may come immediately or not.  Be observant as to how does it come. Perhaps it may come through a feeling, a thought, a knowing sense, or through a conversation, a book, a song, etc.  My feeling is that wherever you are in your tree of life, the answer may come to help you in that moment. Also, your animal companion(s) will so enjoy you doing this for yourself too!

Love, light, and a happy, safe, and blessed holiday season! 


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