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I started noticing my intuitive nature at a young age and questioned whether it was for real.  Yet the strong pulse of this inward nature kept me curious enough to keep it tucked right underneath my outer self.  Doing this made it challenging to really be who I felt I was inside.  That’s why animals (especially the variety I had in childhood) played such an important role in my life for the moment I knew animals existed, I felt a connection and an appreciation for them.  I felt I could totally be myself with them.  I had a sense that animals had so much more to share with me. This sense brought on such a desire to connect and get to know them through all the years of observing them.

I felt I could not be my true intuitive self.

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Animals helped me feel more confident in sharing intuitive experiences.

Then I had some astonishing aha moments with my own animals.  The first happened right after my dog, Harmony, was euthanized.  In a flash of a vision I saw her on the other side looking healthy again.  What a relief!  To my awe, I had the same experience with two other animal companions. Thank goodness!  Another eye-opening thing happened when the animal communicator I contacted to do a reading for my cat  announced that she would not charge me for the reading!   As I was describing why I contacted her, surprisingly she said that all I had shared about my cat was true and she had nothing else to add!  Holy cats!!!  It was experiences like these and others that started to increase my confidence.  Gradually I observed I could hear, see, and feel animals communicating with me.  Friends and family started to ask me if I could help them with their animals and I helped them the best I could.  Still, I had some doubts as I thought were those experiences for real.  As I reflected on all of this, it brought on a desire to go to a deeper level with myself, with animals, and their humans.

This unique work called to a deeper part of me that wanted to bring the animal’s wisdom into the lives of their humans.

 That desire became a reality when I enrolled in the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication and now have become a certified Soul Level Animal Communicator.  Her classes have greatly increased my confidence as her unique way of working with animals called to a deeper part of me that wanted to bring the animal’s wisdom into the lives of their humans.  I absolutely love being your animal’s voice and trustworthy advocate in sharing with you their soul level wisdom.  I have been filled with gratitude to share and experience how the animals’ messages have brought on tears of relief, happiness, and insights that have helped their humans which also have helped me too. Oh, yes, the animals are teaching me too. This is right in line with my love for learning and my desire to continue to improve my skills and abilities. So I would be so honored and humbled to guide you through the remarkable world of your animal as they shine a light in your world. Oh, and by the way, I now know this stuff is for real!

Happy trails and animal blessings, Patricia

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