Listening to the Heart

I had a very challenging latter half of January which continued into all of February. It all came about when I experienced an episode of A-fib/heart palpitations that came on suddenly. I have had these before, and I could go for months without experiencing one.

Luckily I had been guided to ways to treat; however, the treatments were not doing the job yet still helpful to a certain degree. The real challenge was that movement aggravated the A-fib which also included talking. So I had to rethink how to do tasks with the least amount of movement. I also had to prioritize what got done and what had to wait.

The true test was to be patient and keep the faith through these weeks. In the past, I had received healing insights from being quiet and listening to my body. This situation was bringing about such a stillness that I had to listen deeper. Thankfully guidance came which I have put into place. I am also hopeful that a homeopathic remedy, on its way to me, will bring more relief.

Even though I still have occasional mini palpitations, the indication is that things are subsiding. I want to express my deep gratitude for those that sent me healing energy, prayers, and love. And is this also what our world is needing due to current world events. I was being reminded by my deeper knowing self that what is happening at the micro (individually) is also happening at the macro (the world). It led me to realize that the heart – be it individually or collectively – was being affected. Recently, I heard it put this way – observe not absorb. All of this reminded me to protect and pull in my energy field as I still sent out love and light to the world.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. My lovingly, 16-pound cat, Thomas, was desperately trying to lay on my chest which my body didn’t like. I knew he was working on giving me his cat medicine. He brought out a side of myself I didn’t like as I was very abrupt with him. Even though I knew at some level he understood, I apologized and told him how much I loved him.

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