Shifting Into the New

Is anyone else feeling this energy that is bringing on a completely new direction, new projects, new insights, new awarenesses, new perspectives???

As I reflected on this, I came to realize this has been coming on for the last six months yet the last couple of months it has intensified.  It has materialized with being more introspective, having less energy (like walking through molasses at times), and then feeling more energized vibrationally.  All of this has kept me in a “try to go with the flow” mode. 

What came next was being given what that new direction is.  It brought on excitement and then apprehensions. What I’m going to be sharing is how I am dealing with walking through these feelings especially the apprehensions.  Hopefully, it might be helpful to you too. 

First, I spend each day in a quiet, sacred cacao time (see Self-Care with Sacred Cacao to read more).  This is the number one thing that is helping me to walk through any type of apprehensions and to feel the excitement for the new direction.  I have received an enormous amount of insights and support from my spirit guides, angels, soul family, family members/animals that have passed on, and from God/Creator/Source/Universe.  All of this is reminding me that I do not have to do this alone!

Second, I become watchful for signs that support what I have received.  I’m amazed and at times totally astonished by the signs that come forward to help along the way.  These signs can come through books, pictures, movies, TV programs, songs, social media, flashes of insights, dreams, and through other people, etc.  I also set my intention and request that these signs be very clear.  

Third, not only is it exciting to bring in the new, it is also beneficial to release the old.   I recently discovered a technique called energy psychology. which is helping me to release untruths and to empower the truths of my being.  I’ve adapted some of the techniques to what feels right for me.  If you have an interest, look it up and see if it might be helpful for you.

Fourth, is to have my spirit team help me deepen the trust/worthiness/openness in what I have received.  That can be asking them to send me those signs, deepening my intuition, and opening my heart to receive and trust. 

Fifth, I always give a super, big thank you to all the help I am receiving.

What all of this is helping me to do is to look at this new direction as an adventure.  It is a discovery into new territory, new way of being, new way of adapting, and I’m sure as I continue on much, much more!

Love, light, peace, and happy new trails!


 P.S. Right now it is not time to share what the new direction is.  That will come later.

Thumper Brings Rabbit Wisdom

This was something so amazing and to many probably unbelievable that I’m kind of pinching myself yet for me it felt so real.  As I was sipping on my sacred cacao, Thumper…yes, Thumper, from the Walt Disney movie, Bambi, came for a visit.  I also sensed the messages that were received from him are part of a theme many may be experiencing at this time. So let me share what Thumper’s messages are. Only you will know if it feels right for you.

As Thumper came into my space, I must admit I didn’t think he was for real.  He immediately said to me, “Oh, many do not think I am for real yet here I am.  It is the Animal Daeva that sent me to you just like Cecil, the lion, was sent (read more here about Animal Daeva and Cecil, the lion.)

One of the first things Thumper pointed out was his ears.  He said, “The Disney artist didn’t quite get my ears right.  So I’m showing you another aspect of my ears.”  When I saw his ears the first thing that I sensed was that these ears are like a radar and could pick up on the tiniest of sounds. He said, “I use my hearing to listen closely and it helps me to be more aware. Being a listener can teach you so much.”

Then he went right into his next message as he said, “Be sure you look before you leap.  When I leap I have sensed out the right direction to go and then I go full force with lots of joy.”  He then continued on by saying, “Be sure to check your own feelings.  Pay attention to this and don’t let anyone sway you in another way that is opposite to your feelings.”

What I was sensing from Thumper was he was picking up on an energy out there of impatience, impulsiveness, and hurriedness.  It could be due to the lockdown we have been experiencing and wanting to move out of that.  The way it has come to me is calling it the new normal and taking in what have we learned over the last year about ourselves and our world.  It’s taking those lessons and bringing that into your own true direction.

The last image Thumper gave me was seeing a beautiful field of wild flowers.  Then I saw his rabbit body rise above the very tall wildflowers as he took a leap.  Then he disappeared into the field.  He took these leaps a couple of times with a joyful gusto that tickled my heart.  His last leap he turned around and gave me a wink. He then said to me, “Call on me anytime you need rabbit energy.  I am so happy to help you along the trail.”  

So I’m paying attention to what Thumper’s messages are with listening deeply and being true to my feelings.  Then with gusto taking those leaps with joy in the direction that has recently been given to me.  How about you?

Love, light, peace, and happy joyful leaping trails!


p.s. Thumper asked if I would please do an art piece with him and Cecil together.  Of course, I said yes.  It feels like a joining of that lion filled-with-courage heart and the rabbit joyful-true-direction leap…enjoy!

Cecil, The Lion, Speaks

Through guidance each morning, I have come to open up my special, protected space for whoever or whatever wants to come in during my sacred cacao time.  Recently, I had a most magnificent male lion with such an attractive golden mane and coat show up.  

He came to the center of the space and then plopped down on one of his sides.  He then immediately began to roll on his back swaying from one side to another as he pressed his back into the ground.

Ah, I thought he is continuing the message I have been receiving to connect and sit on Mother Earth.  This guidance has been coming through enough times for me to immediately sense what was going on here.  What also came through was that the Cat Animal Daeva (click here to read about this) sent this lion to me.  

As is my habit, I asked the lion what was his name.  I heard the name Cecil immediately.  OMG!!! Is this the beloved Cecil that received worldwide attention for being illegally killed in 2015 in Africa? I knew in my heart that it was.  

I asked Cecil if he had a message he would want to share.  I heard him say yes.  He then said in a deep slightly growly voice, “As you can see I am a lion and I bring lion heart healing medicine.  Now, look deeply at my chest.  Can you see my heart that shines there?”  As I focused in that area the most illuminated, radiant heart came into my sight.

I then saw and felt his filled-with-light heart beam into mine.  Teardrops flowed from my eyes as I felt a deep, powerful energy soothe and comfort my heart.  He continued by saying, “I want to share this lion heart healing energy with others.  I want to remind them of their own lion heart energy.  It is this energy that will help strengthen them.  It will help them take the next step in their life.”

He then asked me to share his message and to bring an artistic style into a picture of him.  He then ended by saying, “I am Cecil, the lion, and I bid you  lion heart love medicine from my heart to yours.”

I cannot fully express how honored and humbled I was to have Cecil, this most auspicious lion being, come into my space and share his message.  I hope I was able to capture his desire for you to feel his lion heart healing energy.

Lion heart love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. my goal is to have this art piece of Cecil printed out, framed, and placed on the empty wall in front of my computer.  I was wondering what was to go there after the picture that was there fell down.

Where Did the Energy Go?

Last month I hosted along with four other members of the Animal Communication Collective™(ACC), a Zoom fundraiser for three animal rescues.  From the very beginning, I felt such an enormous amount of Universal Energies supporting this event that at times it felt overwhelming.  The energy high before, during, and after the event was electrifying and I literally was buzzing from it. Then I noticed about two weeks afterward I had what I’ll call a huge energy slump.

At first I attributed this slump to the time change – you know that jump one hour ahead thing – that happens around the Spring of the year.  I had virtually little to no energy, no motivation, no desire to do much of anything.  The guidance I was receiving was to REST.

The one thing that helped me to kick up my heels and not do much of anything was observing my cat, Thomas.  He doesn’t have one adverse thought of napping, sleeping, or lounging as much as is needed.  Also, I was reminded of the message I heard when the coyote said to me, “I know how to take care of myself.”  (To read more about What the Coyote Said blog, click here.) However, when this feeling continued  into a second week, it led me to reconnect to my inner guidance.

Immediately, one of my spirit guides came forward and asked me to remember what it was like when I started doing animal communication readings in class.  It then started to come back to me that I, along with many of my classmates, felt extremely tired after doing a reading. It was explained that as you expand your intuitive muscle, it is normal to feel tired.  Also, as you continue to flex that muscle you will notice you become less fatigued.

My spirit guide then said that your intuitive muscle and your human body vessel was greatly stretched way beyond the norm and that I was in a recovery period.  Not only that, I was informed that there are new light energies coming to the Earth especially around Easter.  When this occurs there is an integration of those light energies.  My spirit guide went on to say that it is important to pay attention to how you are feeling and to give yourself more self care especially getting extra rest during this integration period!

Wow! This is all making so much sense and I realized how important it is to relax into a restful recovery and integration time.  I have come to know that when I am going through something others are experiencing something similar.  If this resonates with you, I hope the guidance I have been given can be of help to you too!

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. After an absent of about a year, I have been experiencing the return of heart palpitations.  Again, I feel it’s part of a process of recovery and integration and it also alerts me that I need to rest!

p.p.s. I also want to thank all the members of ACC especially those that participated in the fundraiser for their support which made this event a success! Also, a big thank you to Judy Pearson, DAPS, who coordinated with the other two rescues.

The Garbage Bag and Can Teacher

How can a garbage bag and can be a teacher?  It all started with the numerous snowfalls we have had in my area.  The snow would slide off the tin roof and deposit small to larger piles around my home.  Normally these piles of snow do not cause any problems.   

However, when it came time to pull the garbage bag out to place my trash in it for pick up, it was frozen to the bottom of the can.  A nice pile of snow had formed around the garbage can from the sliding snow off the tin roof.  No problemo…I just got another garbage bag out of my stash and used that.

This continued for a couple of weeks with no signs of the bag becoming unstuck.  Then it occurred to me to move the garbage can to a sunny area in hopes it would unfreeze the bag.  No luck here since now the garbage can was stuck in frozen snow!

I tried to dislodge the garbage can and realized it was securely stuck.  I realized how tired I had become from trying to do this and I then felt a nudge to let it be.  My intuition was telling me just be patient.  I was sensing there would be an easier way of dealing with this.

I then came to realize that this situation was a metaphor for what I was personally going through.  I was working on letting go of old thinking and beliefs. I now could see how a garbage bag and can could be the perfect symbol for that.  I knew the message was to be patient.  An easier way would be presented and to trust in that.

The solution came in one quick intuitive flash as I was parking my car.  In the rear view mirror, I could see the garbage can. What I did (through that flash) was to continue driving slowly backward until I nudged the garbage can out of its frozen place.  I then heard a small popping noise and the garbage can was released and free again undamaged.  

Amazingly, it was like something inside of me did the same thing…pop then release.  Strange as it may seem, I felt a peacefulness come over me. I embraced that feeling and said thank you for how the solution came about in such an effortless way.

It was now possible to move the garbage can into a sunny spot and by the end of the day, I was able to pull the garbage bag out of the can.  One thing did surprise me.  It was the huge chunks of ice that clung to the bottom of the bag.  I felt those chunks represented fears within me that kept me weighted down.  With some shakes, the chunks fell off and now could easily be melted by the sun.  As I watched the smaller chunks melt away, it felt like my fears were melting away too.  All of this brought on such a relief and a feeling of lightness.

What did I learn from the garbage bag and can teacher?  To trust my intuition, be patient, and there is no need to exert more energy than what is needed.  A better way of dealing with things…be it big or small…will present itself.  Also, to remember that the most average things can be an avenue for learning even if it is a garbage bag and can.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I also want to note that ever-so-sweetly cooing pigeons spent time on top of the frozen garbage can (which hadn’t occurred before).  That melodic sound gave me the feeling of peacefulness as I patiently waited for a solution to be known to me.