Space – The Final Frontier?

Space - The Final Frontier PictureAnybody that is familiar with the original Star Trek knows this is one of the opening lines for this TV series.  It popped into my attention as I was pondering what is happening in our world especially social distancing–expanding or giving space between each other.  I also relate to space as the stillness, the silence, the no-thing-ness from which all comes from.

So in this new way of being with ourselves and one another, we are being given so many opportunities.   The opportunity to give space and to learn how to greet each other differently, to give space to our wildlife population, to give space to our Mother Earth.  The opportunity to give and be with our own space.

This ‘giving space’ is mainly referring to our external world yet I have had a couple of experiences that has directed me to pay attention to the space, the stillness, the silence of my inner world.  This I feel is another opportunity perhaps not as much done in our society and may be considered that final frontier.

So as I had mentioned in my last blog, I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping to cease an episode of heart palpitations. I’m still so grateful for this tool yet I still was experiencing being one or two steps away from another episode. 

I found that movement of my body was not my friend. Even talking at times could trigger going over the edge…so for the last six weeks I’ve been relatively still.  Even though I intuitively knew that this outer stillness was a reminder of connecting to my inner stillness, there were times I was very frustrated.

Whenever that came upon me I tried my best to accept what is and go into this feeling of frustration.  I also watched my thoughts and on a daily basis I knew it was important to count my blessings.  This wasn’t always easy to do yet I intuitively felt this ‘extra stillness’ reality may lead to a remedy to this health situation and I am so super thankful that it did.

Through all of this stillness, I was led to include digestive enzymes before my meals.  I was already including natural ways of supporting my digestion ever since I discovered that digestive issues were the main trigger of my heart palpitations yet my body wanted more.  It’s only been about five days of doing this and I can already sense a HUGE difference in my well being!  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart!

Prior to this insight, I had another experience that is even hard to believe yet I feel I must mention it because it was so profound.  During the week of Easter, I had a visitation from Mother Mary.  She appeared in my living room as I was listening to hymns in dedication to her which I was guided to do along with praying to her. 

She spoke not a word as she stood with beams of light piercing through her blue robe and off white dress that formed a glowing globe of light surrounding her.  A total feeling of serenity overcame me as I stood there in awe.

In that silent appearance, I knew this was a powerful reminder to connect to the silence within my own being, to connect to a deeper part of myself, to connect to my soul.  I felt so supported and encouraged to do this as I continued to walk through all the frustrations I felt.  There are no words that can truly express how humbling this experience was.  All I can say is that I am eternally grateful.

I also feel her message was not only for me but for anyone that wants to connect to the frontier of their inner space and I have found how beneficial it is that this be the first and not the final frontier.  For my experiences have shown me that this is the true compass as one navigates through life and it is so much needed especially as we live through these most challenging times that are upon us.

Love, Light, and Happy Inward Trails!


One Good Tap Deserves Another

So far I have been relatively calm during this Coronavirus event except in one instance as you will find out as you read on. I feel this calmness is due to some inner guidances that I received which has helped me prepare for this current worldwide event. 

First I was guided to strengthen my immune system at the end of last year and the other occurred about 3 years ago as I was guided to pull back (to work with myself) from my outer activities which lasted about a year. This helped me to appreciate less outer and more inner focus.

A main concern of this stay-at-home directive was not going to my bi-monthly chiropractic treatments which has helped to reduce any heart palpitation episodes that may occur.  Around the time of what would have been my next appointment, I started to notice the signs of a potential episode. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been given ways to ward them off and continued to do that for over a week.  Still I’m sure stressing out about it didn’t help because it went into full blown heart palpitations.  I was in distress!

I doubled up on my preventive remedies, called on Archangel Raphael, pulled some Magical Unicorn oracle cards (my spirited animal connection), and sent out a prayerful SOS for guidance.  I felt this nudge to call my brother to alert him about what was going on.

After explaining my situation, he asked me if I had done any tapping.  This is the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) of tapping on your body to bring balance.  I had completely forgotten about this technique as it had been a couple of years ago when he showed me how to do this.

Once I started to tap, immediately I felt a stream of releasing go down my legs.  After repeating the tapping about 7 times I was back to normal.  Hallelujah!!!  I was so relieved and so grateful for my brother reminding of this simple yet very effective technique!

I’ve always felt that this Coronavirus event would bring all kinds of opportunities for humanity (be it big or small) to learn more about ourselves and our world.  So far for me it was being reminded that one good tap deserves another to balance and better health. Stay tuned for I feel there will be more to come for all as we walk through this time of opportunities.

Love, light, and happy at home trails!


p.s. There were a couple of other side benefits I noticed from the tapping yet before sharing about that I want to investigate more about EFT to solidify what I felt.  For anybody that has done tapping I would love to hear how it helped you!

EFT Picture copy

The Power of the Circle


I’m walking by my bed where I have placed two of my washing machine hoses.  They just happened to form a circle and who do I find in the middle of that circle is my cat, Thomas.  Now he had the whole bed to lay upon yet he preferred to do this which really caught my attention.

It got me thinking about the things in our lives that are circular. Our eyes and head, the steering wheel and tires on our vehicles, many of our pots, plates, and cups, and the planets especially the earth we live on are circular.

Then I thought about what does a circle symbolize so I looked it up and this one resonated with me.  It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God.

So what I did in my next morning meditative time, was to imagine around me a brilliant Circle Energycircle of light at the floor level.  Then I just observed the circle to see what might happen next.  I then started to see the circle move clockwise very slowly and as it did I began to see the circle expand upward.  What I felt was an uplifting, cleansing, harmonizing feeling as I watched this rise above my head. Wow, I thought to myself, that was powerful.

So I now use this circle energy management tool whenever it feels right and I thank my beloved Thomas for bringing this into my attention in such a unique way.  It still amazes me as to the many ways (even challenging ones) he has supported, guided, and given me his enduring, unconditional love in helping me be my best!

Love, light, and Happy Trails!


What’s That On My Head?

My cat, Thomas, loves to sleep at the top of my pillow and even though it may seem awkward it works.  At times he likes to place one or two of his paws around my head and when he is in a playful mood he likes to gently wrestle with my hair.  He also likes to lick and groom my hair which I can only handle for a short time. 

One evening I was dosing off into a deeper sleep when I thought I felt something wet on my head.  At first I thought that I was having some strange dream. Then I realized that Thomas had thrown up a small amount of clear liquid on top of my head.  To say I was angry doesn’t even cover how I felt. It was knowing that there was a lesson in this for me that helped temper my anger.

It took me a while to clean up and settle down to even attempt to try to discover what was the lesson.  I had to reflect on what was going on with me.  I then recalled how I was having a lot of pressure and popping noises around my head.  This is one sign from my knowledge about chakras that some balancing would be helpful.  I had to admit to myself that I was ignoring this and it continued for about a week until this incident.

Then my intuition kicked in along with remembering a similar experience with Thomas that I shared in a previous blog – What’s That in My Shoe.  In that blog I shared how Thomas had thrown up clear liquid in one of my shoes.  This was his way of reminding me to take better care of myself by foot soaking.  I’ve been doing that 100% since he gave me that lesson.

I then came to realize that even though I was doing what Thomas recommended that there are times you need to do more!  Wow, how I could now see how I was resisting that so I stepped up my foot soaking to twice a day.  I must admit that it was very relaxing to foot soak before bedtime and I immediately felt much more balanced.  I also found that I was sleeping better too!

I am now paying more attention to those signs that are nudging me to give myself more self care especially to avoid any wet reminders!  And there is one thing I can rely on…consistency…as Thomas continues his reminders and lessons as to what would help me to feel and be my best!

Love, light, and happy trails!


p.s.  There may be a new awareness coming about from this wet head incident as I noticed that about a week before the Iran conflict situation that the pressure/popping noises began.  In the past my body would become ill right before some of the major challenging world events. It feels like I’m sensing things in my chakras instead of becoming ill so I’m thinking this is a good thing. I’ll be paying more attention to that.  Anyone else have experiences like this?


How Strange Noises Bring On A Lesson

It was in the wee early morning hours and I was in the kitchen getting a nice cool glass of water.  All of a sudden I heard a strange noise as if someone is scraping something across the screen door.

I quickly walked to the front door and turned on the porch light.  I looked out the window and I saw nothing.  I felt a bit nervous wondering who or what could have made that noise.  I then turned off the porch light and returned to finish the rest of my water. 

Within a couple of minutes, I heard that same strange scraping noise again.  I became even more concerned because it seemed to be getting louder.  I turned on the porch light as I scanned out the window. I even slowly (and I mean very slowly) opened the front door to get a better look.  Still I saw nothing.

I was about to go back to bed when there it goes again that same noise and now I pondered is someone playing around with me.  The key word here is playing as you will see later in this story.

I turned on the light and peered out the window.  What I saw was one of my neighbor’s feral cats and it was the kitten on my front porch.  I then came to realize that the kitten was playing with the faux teardrop crystal hanging at the end of a butterfly chain that is on my screen door.  I was relieved yet I knew there was a lesson in this for me!

Immediately the thought came that the kitten was helping me to remember to…PLAY!  It’s not the only time I’ve been given this lesson. The horse in the next pasture also had given me this same message. I got the feeling that the horse and the kitten were being a tag team as to who was next to give me the reminder – IT’S TIME TO PLAY!

Just getting that message tickled my inner child and it just happened that soon thereafter a friend and I got together and had fun playing some games.  I’m also taking the time to play with my cat, Thomas, too!

It just warms my soul to know these two critters have my best interest at heart and my appreciation grows deeper for how our animal friends are always wanting us to be the best!  So here’s a reminder to all TO PLAY so your inner child can feel that tickle too.

Love, light, and happy trails to all in the new year!


p.s. I love these adults in the picture playing a game of guessing what ANIMAL they are!  The kitten is watching her Mama getting a nice cool drink…no coincidence here as I was also sipping on a cool drink when I was given the lesson!!!

Playing Adults




A Reminder From Two Dogs And A Horse

PalaminaIt’s early in the morning and I hear a constant barking coming from Louie, a poodle dog that is owned by my landlady, over in my neighbor’s yard.  This barking had a frantic sound to it.  I go outside to over see what all the commotion is about. 

As I walked into my neighbor’s yard, I see Clyde (another dog owned by my landlady) had somehow maneuvered himself into the neighboring pasture and was taunting the horse, Palomita. The minute Clyde sees me he dashed out of the pasture into my neighbor’s yard. 

I immediately gave out a holler (more than once) to Clyde to stop this and go home.  I waved my arms to both dogs as an indication to go home which was about a half a block down a dirt road.  The dogs moved slightly down the road yet Clyde was still occasionally barking (as was Louie) at Palomita. 

Then Palomita turns her rear to the dogs and kicks her back legs at them which started a whole new round of constant barking from Clyde and Louie.  I yelled at Palomita to stop doing this and again hollered at Clyde and Louie to go home. 

Then it occurred to me to observe the kind of state of mind I was in.  I have learned that the best way to communicate with animals is to be in a in-the-zone calm state.  So I do a bit of energy management to move into that state.  Then I energetically communicate to both Clyde, Louie, and Palomita a request (also gave them an image in my mind) as to what would be best for all.

Within a minute all barking stopped. Clyde and Louie slowly walked home and Palomita did not kick her back legs at the dogs again.  And I moved from being upset about this whole situation to feeling calmer and overall better.  What a great reminder these critters…some great in size and some small…gave to me!  Animals are always giving us opportunities to experience, feel, and be our best!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Also Palomita told me that since she is a lone horse in the pasture that she has to take on the responsibilities of key members of the herd.  I then intuitively knew she wanted me to learn more about how horses worked together in a herd.  I also have found that you can request an animal to do something yet they still may not do what you request.  This time they did and I thanked them all for that!


What’s That In My Shoe!

Thomas on my shoes brighterIt’s 6 a.m.  I’m getting up to go to the bathroom and I’m still half asleep.  I place my left foot slightly into my slip-on-sandal shoes.  There’s a pause as I feel something wet there.  I slowly move the tips of my toes out of the shoe and fully open my eyes.  I then see that my cat, Thomas, had thrown up a clear, liquid substance in my left shoe.  He has not done this before.  I was angry!

I know that the way to understand the lesson your animal is teaching you is to observe what kind of emotions and feelings come up over their demeanor, behaviors, or their health.  I tried my best to keep my cool by observing that anger.  It seemed to work until my not-so-cool words came out of my mouth asking him about this. 

Just the look on his face especially his concerned yet sweet eyes helped settle me down.  I was surprised that I was able to get why he had done this.  Why was I surprised?  It’s because being half asleep and angry are not the best state to get an answer from your animal. 

The message he gave me came quickly.  It first came as a thought then as an image of me soaking my feet (clear liquid in shoe = foot soaking).  Then as a short sentence from him, “I like this for you.”  It all fell into place what was the lesson.

So what is the lesson…it is how important it is to take care of myself.  He is teaching me that he can feel a positive difference in me when I foot soak and when I do not.  He knew that I had not been doing this for awhile.  I then realized my anger was not at him but it was for me not giving myself this self care.

So it’s been about two weeks since this happened and I have been very mindful to follow through with Thomas’ suggestion.  I can report that so far no more clear liquid in my shoe!  This is what it is like working with your animal at the soul level.  I have come to appreciate him at such a deeper level knowing he is supporting me in being my best.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. I also checked in with Thomas to see if there was some health situation that was triggering his throw up.  What I felt was his stomach was unsettled and he connected me back to this happening when I do not foot soak!

Foot Soaking copy