The Loss of a Beloved Pet

The most bittersweet readings I have had the honor to do is for clients whose pets have crossed over. Through the years, I have received similar questions from clients about their crossed over pet.

Is my pet ok? Do they know I love them? Could I have done more?
Did I do the right thing before they left?

Here’s the beautiful part of the crossing over process. YOUR PET ARRANGES EVERYTHING REGARDING THEIR DEPARTURE. I mean everything – how, when, who is and not with them. Your pet is so connected to you that they know the best way to leave even if it is challenging. How do they know what is the best?

First, they have mastered unconditional love, and because they live in the present, they have access to wisdom. Second, they have an awareness of the agreement made with you before birth to help you learn lessons. It is like having a wise, sensitive, loving angel helping you be your best and be your champion whether or not they are here or in spirit.

One thing that most (not all) clients have expressed is regrets and feeling guilty. Those feelings are normally linked to a lesson. In a reading we can discover the lesson and how your pet is helping you.

Another thing clients have experienced is grief which is different than the regrets/guilty feelings. It is very normal to feel sad or lonely for the loss of a pet, and everyone goes through this differently. It is important to move through this process at your own pace and gift yourself with extra self-care. Here are some things to consider that may help you through this process.

o  Your pet is still connected with you in spirit.  They want to continue their relationship and to continue helping you. Their physical body no longer limits them.

o  Once your pet crosses over, they are greeted by their soul family!  Guess what - that includes you in your spirit higher self being!

o  Not everyone will understand what you are going through.  Do not be concerned and do what is best for you.

o  Before bedtime, set your intention to have your pet come into            your dreams. Know that this could take some time since grieving             can hinder this. However, in our sleep time, we are more open so            keep at it.

o  A Soul Level Specially Designed Animal Artwork has brought               comfort as it brings to life the lesson(s) your pet is                      teaching you.  The artwork is composed along with your pet especially for you.  Also, a Pictorial Animal Portrait is a beautiful way to honor your pet through the services I provide.

o  One more important thing to do is to let your tears come and let them flow freely.

Through your pet’s departure, they are helping you move into a new way of communicating and being with them. By being open to this new way instead of worrying about them, it will bring a deeper, sweeter connection to the pure essence of their heart and soul.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


The Unconditional Love of Feline Molly (in spirit)

I recently had a bittersweet experience with my neighbor’s cat, Molly, who recently crossed over. The first time I met Molly, I immediately felt her regal and majestic presence. I also sensed that she spent time in a temple-type setting in another lifetime. She is and was a jewel of a cat.

Then one evening, I was alerted by her Mamma (Molly’s name for her human) that Molly was getting ready to cross over in the next 24 hours. She wanted me to have an opportunity to say goodbye. I knew from my experience as an animal communicator that animals will arrange how they cross over even if it is challenging. They also decide who is and not with them when they leave.

I knew Molly would be there the next morning if it was meant for me to say goodbye. I told Mamma I would check in at that time. The following morning Mamma told me Molly departed in the wee hours. I felt saddened, yet I honored her wisdom in being with her Mamma only.

As I was expressing my sympathies to Mamma, Molly showed me the beautiful garden surroundings where she is on the other side. Her garden had the most glorious plants, flowers, and trees with a hint of fragrance in the air. She tells me that the garden Mamma created in her front yard is also here on the other side. She then showed me the energetic pathway she designed from her garden to Mamma’s garden.

Molly then gave me this message to relay to Mamma, “You will find me there with you many times as I greet you with a slight rub against your leg, Mamma.” I then heard her say, “Yes, tears will come. I honor your tears. Be happy for our time together. I am always with you.”

Mamma then shared a dream about doing something special for Molly in her garden. She felt that Molly’s communication with me was confirmation to do this! She expressed her appreciation and gratefulness for receiving the message and guidance from her beloved Molly.

The next morning, as I opened my window curtains, I was so touched to see the beautiful shrine Mamma created for Molly was visible to me. Mamma had no idea about this until I mentioned it, yet Molly did! Her unconditional love, wisdom, and guidance were all over this whole event! Each morning, as I see her shrine, I say, “Good morning, Molly.”

I am continually amazed at how animals will take care of us especially after they have crossed over. Their unconditional love and wisdom are their driving force in bringing us lessons that help us grow, heal, and evolve.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


Finding Balance – Sometimes It Takes a Monkey

Recently I came across this picture. My first reaction was what a happy monkey to have so many bananas to munch on. Then the thought came in perhaps not.

One of the things I’ve come to depend on is how the Universe (or whatever word you want to call that) will bring in signs to help me along the way. The following day a package arrived, and in the package came this card. Ah, the word balance had me reflect on the monkey with all the bananas.

I then looked up the meaning of balance, and there were many different ways to define balance. The one that resonated with me is – balance is something you discover and create for yourself. Also, recently I heard it put this way about balance. It takes patience, attention, sensitivity, awareness, wisdom, and love of yourself to find and create balance.

This reminded me of the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, which was based on a book by Elizabeth Gilbert sharing her story. After a divorce, she traveled to Italy, India, and Bali looking for spiritual fulfillment and love. A bit of a spoiler alert is coming up in the following paragraphs. If you haven’t watched the movie, you may want to pause here.

In Bali, she fell in love with a man and then decided to end the relationship. Before she left the island, she visited her endearing guru, Ketut. She then revealed to him that she ended it, and felt she couldn’t keep her balance in the relationship.

Ketut said one of the most memorable lines in the movie to her, “Sometimes to lose your balance for love is part of living a balanced life.” He then concluded by saying, “You need to look through your heart.” His words had a significant impact on her as she then walked through discovering and creating her own balance by being in the relationship.

Now that I am clearer (thank you, monkey!) about what balance means to me, I can be more mindful in finding my own balance. I’m sure life will provide me with many ways to practice this.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails,


What’s Within My Power

I recently became aware of a growing perspective. It all started when I heard my deeper knowing self remind me to protect and pull in my energy field. The message came about to help me through a health condition I had earlier this year (read more here).

As I reflected on the message, it reminded me that life presents things within my power and those beyond my power. It helped me to fine-tune this practice when working with myself and others. So here are some of the things within my power:

Pray and send love, light, healing energy for support – I have a list of people/places/events that I energetically place in a field of unconditional love. Unconditional love has divine intelligence and knows what is for the best. Then I let it go and do my best not to worry.

Call upon divine beings for assistance – These can be your spirit guides, higher self, Masters, Angels/Archangels, God/Creator, etc. I usually call in my deeper knowing self and recently new spirit guides have appeared to help me along the way.

Do quiet, meditative time for balance – This is my #1 thing to do to keep myself balanced. I’m taking extra time (as guided) to do a deeper meditation. I also do some deep breathing, chanting, or a quick energy management tool if time is limited.

Practice discernment/setting healthy boundaries for self-care – Both are a work in progress based on one’s life situation. It’s paying attention to your behaviors/thoughts and those around you. Then it’s changing/setting boundaries to bring about better personal care. For these situations, I check in with my deeper knowing self for guidance.

Donate time/funds to worthy causes/organizations – I have donated my time and funds mainly to animal rescues and causes. Just be sure that where you donate is reputable and that the funds support those in need.

Finally, I protect and pull in my energy field (thank you, deeper knowing self!!!). I then trust and surrender to the love of the highest power of the Creator.

I’d love to hear how you have worked within your power or how you have struggled with that. May we all continue to embrace working within our power for the well-being of ourselves, our family, friends, pets, and the world.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I struggled to sense what would be an appropriate picture for this blog. Then in a flash, the image that came to me was the solar plexus chakra…the seat of your personal power.

Listening to the Heart

I had a very challenging latter half of January which continued into all of February. It all came about when I experienced an episode of A-fib/heart palpitations that came on suddenly. I have had these before, and I could go for months without experiencing one.

Luckily I had been guided to ways to treat; however, the treatments were not doing the job yet still helpful to a certain degree. The real challenge was that movement aggravated the A-fib which also included talking. So I had to rethink how to do tasks with the least amount of movement. I also had to prioritize what got done and what had to wait.

The true test was to be patient and keep the faith through these weeks. In the past, I had received healing insights from being quiet and listening to my body. This situation was bringing about such a stillness that I had to listen deeper. Thankfully guidance came which I have put into place. I am also hopeful that a homeopathic remedy, on its way to me, will bring more relief.

Even though I still have occasional mini palpitations, the indication is that things are subsiding. I want to express my deep gratitude for those that sent me healing energy, prayers, and love. And is this also what our world is needing due to current world events. I was being reminded by my deeper knowing self that what is happening at the micro (individually) is also happening at the macro (the world). It led me to realize that the heart – be it individually or collectively – was being affected. Recently, I heard it put this way – observe not absorb. All of this reminded me to protect and pull in my energy field as I still sent out love and light to the world.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. My lovingly, 16-pound cat, Thomas, was desperately trying to lay on my chest which my body didn’t like. I knew he was working on giving me his cat medicine. He brought out a side of myself I didn’t like as I was very abrupt with him. Even though I knew at some level he understood, I apologized and told him how much I loved him.