The Unconditional Love of Feline Molly (in spirit)

I recently had a bittersweet experience with my neighbor’s cat, Molly, who recently crossed over. The first time I met Molly, I immediately felt her regal and majestic presence. I also sensed that she spent time in a temple-type setting in another lifetime. She is and was a jewel of a cat.

Then one evening, I was alerted by her Mamma (Molly’s name for her human) that Molly was getting ready to cross over in the next 24 hours. She wanted me to have an opportunity to say goodbye. I knew from my experience as an animal communicator that animals will arrange how they cross over even if it is challenging. They also decide who is and not with them when they leave.

I knew Molly would be there the next morning if it was meant for me to say goodbye. I told Mamma I would check in at that time. The following morning Mamma told me Molly departed in the wee hours. I felt saddened, yet I honored her wisdom in being with her Mamma only.

As I was expressing my sympathies to Mamma, Molly showed me the beautiful garden surroundings where she is on the other side. Her garden had the most glorious plants, flowers, and trees with a hint of fragrance in the air. She tells me that the garden Mamma created in her front yard is also here on the other side. She then showed me the energetic pathway she designed from her garden to Mamma’s garden.

Molly then gave me this message to relay to Mamma, “You will find me there with you many times as I greet you with a slight rub against your leg, Mamma.” I then heard her say, “Yes, tears will come. I honor your tears. Be happy for our time together. I am always with you.”

Mamma then shared a dream about doing something special for Molly in her garden. She felt that Molly’s communication with me was confirmation to do this! She expressed her appreciation and gratefulness for receiving the message and guidance from her beloved Molly.

The next morning, as I opened my window curtains, I was so touched to see the beautiful shrine Mamma created for Molly was visible to me. Mamma had no idea about this until I mentioned it, yet Molly did! Her unconditional love, wisdom, and guidance were all over this whole event! Each morning, as I see her shrine, I say, “Good morning, Molly.”

I am continually amazed at how animals will take care of us especially after they have crossed over. Their unconditional love and wisdom are their driving force in bringing us lessons that help us grow, heal, and evolve.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


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