What is the Purpose of Life & Special Discount

One way blog topics come to me is through some experience. I also have found that ideas for topics come when I’m in a quiet, meditative time.  So when the idea came to write about the purpose of life, I was daunted.  My first thought was there are so many ways to answer that question. Then I was reminded that early in the week, I heard that question posed on a video I was watching.  I was also being reminded I felt an answer come from within me after I heard that question.  

One thing I have come to try to do is to follow those answers that come from within. Here is what I felt and said out loud to that question.  What is the purpose of life – it is to love yourself and to love one another.

One thing I have noticed in many of my animal readings is the animal’s lesson to their human is to take better care of themselves (which is also a lesson for me too).  And the animals know and I really do feel we know that in order to love others, it is so important to be gentle, loving, and caring with ourselves.  The next word I heard after that answer was the word balance.  The feeling that came along with that word was how important it is to take care of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

That got me to look at my own life and where could I improve on loving myself.  One idea I already have integrated each morning is to cherish a cup of sacred cacao in my quiet time. I’ll share more about that in a future blog. One area of my life I could do better with is to incorporate some kind of gentle exercise of my body. I keep hearing to keep it simple and easy as you work with yourself in this way.

So what do you feel the purpose of life is? Spend some time with yourself and allow that question to go deep into your soul.  The answer may come immediately or not.  Be observant as to how does it come. Perhaps it may come through a feeling, a thought, a knowing sense, or through a conversation, a book, a song, etc.  My feeling is that wherever you are in your tree of life, the answer may come to help you in that moment. Also, your animal companion(s) will so enjoy you doing this for yourself too!

Love, light, and a happy, safe, and blessed holiday season! 


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Why is Your Animal in Your Life and How Are They Helping You

Ever since I knew animals existed, I had a sense that they had so much more to share with me and all of us. Just look into an animal’s eyes and you can feel their unconditional love flowing right into our heart.  It is that unconditional love that has brought them to this earth and into our lives to help us to be better human beings.  

Prior to coming into this world, an arrangement was made with you and your animal through a soul contract to help you.  Let’s say you and your animal agreed they would be helping you to speak up for yourself.  This can be due to a false belief of not feeling worthy.  You then may have a dog that is constantly barking and is showing you through their barking to speak up for yourself.  Let’s say you have a challenge with always doing for others and not for yourself.  This can be due to a false belief of not feeling deserving.  You then may have an animal that is super loving and caring with you.  This animal is helping you to be more loving towards yourself.

You may be saying to yourself how in the world do animals do this.  Well, the first thing I already mentioned which is their unconditional love for us, and the other is that animals live in the present.  Being in the present, animals are connected to a deeper, wiser, knowing place which we as humans have not attained. Many indigenous people of this earth know this and revere animal beings.

So we can together discover why your animal is in your life and how your animal (alive or in spirit) is helping you. The way that they do this is through their behaviors, health, and demeanor. So many times there is confusion, frustration, and just plain giving up when your animal’s ways are not understood. Here’s where the fun begins as your animal will communicate what’s behind the WHY and HOW!  Once we know this, we can then find out how you and your animal can work together to help you with the lesson they are teaching you. This is how you begin working with your animal at the soul level and it is a team effort.

Now, you may be wondering what happens when you do not take up the lesson your animal is helping you with.  Usually, the animal will step up their ways until they get your attention.  However, by embracing your animal’s lesson, new insights can come about that can transform your life and can deepen that special relationship with your animal.  As you continue to work on the lesson, you may also notice the way your animal was bringing you the lesson will start to curtail.  This is what makes your animal’s heart sing as they have made an agreement to support and help you live a better life!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


What the Coyote Said

It’s somewhat normal to see a coyote or two roaming around the area where I live.  So when I saw a coyote prance across the field in front of my place, I took extra notice and the thought I had was how nice it is to see this coyote.  Almost immediately, I heard the coyote say, “Thank you for thinking about me in this way.”  What I sensed was there are those that would not be happy to see a coyote on their property as it can certainly be in their nature to create some kind of problem. 

I then heard the coyote say, “There is a joy in being in this world.”  Oh, I thought to myself…the coyote, in spite of what others may think or their circumstance, is connected to the joy of life.  The coyote continued by saying, “I know how to take care of myself.  I know when to play and to rest.”  Wow, I thought this coyote is really very talkative.  Then the coyote really stepped up their message when I heard, “I am connected to my world where there is a rhythm and by doing this I am at peace.”

As I heard the coyote’s message to me, I immediately felt a warm, gentle, loving feeling envelop around and in my heart.  A peacefulness started to reside where the loving feeling began.  I felt connected to the world around me and the joy of that.  There was such awe at the power of the coyote’s inspiring message and also in how much I felt what the coyote did.  I also feel that showing an appreciation for the coyote brought forth the gift of their message.  

So this is what our animals, be it wild or not, can bring into your lives.  Wisdom so profound that can deepen our relationship with them and our world as they are always helping us to be our best.

Love, light, and happy trails!

The Cat Animal Daeva Spoke

I’m sure we have all experienced our animal getting startled when being close to us and through their swift motion have received scratches, bites, and bruises.  I know I have experienced my share of these kinds of things from my cat, Thomas.  So when I got such a bang (right between my eye and nose) from his swift startling motion, it so triggered me into a sad, mad place.  It provoked me so much that I didn’t even want to look at him and I ignored him. Also, the pain I felt didn’t help the situation either.

Even though I knew he didn’t mean to do it, that didn’t matter.  Even knowing that this was a way of learning more about myself, that didn’t matter.  The emotions completely took over any kind of reflection.  It’s so challenging for me to even share how I reacted for my Thomas is such a loving cat yet I want to be completely transparent about how I felt.

So the next day I still was in my not-so-happy place with him and as is my daily routine I went into my quiet, meditative time.  Almost immediately I felt a super-powerful energy coming towards me. It felt like a wave that eventually washed over my entire body.  Then I heard these words…he’s here to help you.  I knew immediately from a previous experience that this was the Cat Animal Daeva.   I felt the enormous energy of this daeva washed away any of the pain, hurt, and anger I was feeling.  Tears fell from my eyes as I went into a deeper understanding of the support that Thomas brings into my life.

So what is a Cat Animal Daeva?  In essence, all animals have a daeva for their own kind.  You can think of an animal daeva as an oversoul and their purpose is to help humanity evolve their souls.  An animal daeva has the ability to speak on behalf of the whole species and they know the challenges they face. They also understand the overall actions with humans.  Also, to be in contact or connect with an animal daeva requires a reverence.  One has to be really in the zone for being in their presence is an honor.

To say I was in awe of this experience is an understatement.  I felt so humbled by the Cat Animal Daeva presence that it left me with such a deeper respect for the animal kingdom and all they are willing to do for humanity to help us be our best.

Love, light, and happy trails!

p.s. I didn’t think my love for Thomas could go any deeper yet it did through this experience.  I am so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life.  Also, the Cat Animal Daeva image was selected as it felt like a white light of energy.

Advice from Ants

It all started when I had a line of ants around my kitchen sink and counter.  I have in the past immediately sprayed a non-toxic germicide (smothers them) on any ant or bug that invaded my space.   This time I paused and decided to deal with this encounter with ants in another way.

So I made the effort to communicate with them and I asked them why are they in my kitchen.  I heard one single word…cleansing.  What that one word had me do was to really look around my kitchen counters.  I saw where yeah I could do a better job of extra cleaning my kitchen.  So I communicated to the ants that I would do an better job and I told them you could now go somewhere else.  I thanked them for their message.

Ant Psychologist Office

I didn’t see any ants for about 7 days and then they were back.  I then realized that I had not done the extra cleaning that day as I promised the ants and so I committed to them that I would do better.  Again, I did not see any ants for about a week.

Then as I was looking at Thomas, my cat, in what I refer to as his box top palace (the enormous box that my portable washing machine came in was converted to his special place), I saw that there were ants running all over the window seal.  What I then saw was a small amount of his throw up on a portion of the seal and on his tiger print blanket which had drawn the ants. 

I then remembered that earlier that day I saw a small amount of Thomas’s throw up around his eating place. I must admit here that I have found letting his throw up dry a bit makes it easier to sweep up and to wipe up any residue. The ants were not having it for they were there around his throw up too.  I had never had ants show up as they did that day.

So as I was doing the extra cleaning in these areas, I then remembered that earlier in the month I had intuitively received a message about going through my stuff and clearing out things no longer needed.  I linked up that message to the ants’ message of cleansing and saw how they had a similar theme.  I also have found in the past when there are messages of clearing/cleaning out that something new is wanting to come in.

I am now taking an extra look at my space and starting a plan to do that extra cleaning and clearing out.  Who would have thought that it would be the advice from ants that would really bring that message home!

Love, light, and happy trails!


p.s. I have to say that the energy in the areas that were extra cleaned felt so much better! Also, I’m taking that message of clearing/cleaning out and applying it to working internally with myself as I feel the advice from the ants applies to all levels.