This service came to life through a request from a new client inquiring if I could bring to life one of their spirit guides in an art piece. Of course, I said let’s give it a try.

As I was composing the art piece from a brief description, a soul connection occurred with the spirit being. Amazingly, I saw images appear that enhanced the art piece. Throughout the process, I checked in to receive a “thumbs up” from beginning to completion.

Furthermore, what I discovered is that the spirit being wanted to bring their essence to life through an art piece. This was not just for the benefit of the client. It was to bring the beauty of the mystical world into our awareness and world.

So I would be delighted to bring to life your special spiritual being to bless your life and the greater world in an unique art piece. Please enjoy reading the client’s description of their special spiritual being and how they responded to their portrait. To learn more about pricing, go to the Services page.

MEET DAVEY O’ROUKE – I was Davey’s little sister in another life. In this lifetime, he is my main guide who has been with me since birth. Davey has helped me through some really bad times, cheers me on during my good times, and actually listens to me when I complain about the universe not manifesting something fast enough. Seeing Davey in my mind’s eye was all I had to go by when I told Patricia about him, how he looked to me, and his mischievous ways. Knowing of his Irish heritage and his being my lucky leprechaun, I insisted that he would never go anywhere without his pot of gold. With what little information I was able to give her, Patricia has been able to capture not only Davey’s physical attributes, but his lively spirit as well. I have other guides I work with. When they are ready for their portraits, it is Patricia I will be contacting to bring them to life for me. Wow! Just wow! Beautiful talent! Thank you!  ~ Brenda Fritz

MEET RUBY ROSE and her mission as given to Brenda Fritz.

I am from the fae realm where we spread love and peace over the earth. Mankind has been ignoring their spiritual callings by imposing their will onto others, denying the rest of the world their free will. The patriarchy is coming to an end as we know it so that the matriarchy can bring balance back to Mother Earth with the help of the fae realm and our unconditional love. It is time for the humans with fae spirits to call us forward so that we may help restore balance to their lives, the earth, and the universe during this Age of Aquarius. ~Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose came to me shortly after the New Year and told me that we have a lot of work to do, to be prepared and to listen to Davey until she came to me again. In the meantime, she wanted her picture done so I wouldn’t forget her (not likely, I love all my guides). She said not to let the softness of her looks deter me and our mission, she’s very strong, takes no foolishness, and loves to help where needed. Ruby Rose has told me that Pluto in Aquarius until 2042 is going to be busy righting wrongs, uplifting women and children, and spreading as much peace as possible. This is a time when the people of the world will work together to clean the earth and give food and other resources to those who have none. A Spiritual Revolution is coming and we need to get ready. As for her portrait, Ruby Rose has asked me repeatedly to thank Patricia for her beautiful work. There’s just something about the pictures she creates that not only brings the subject to life, but you can really feel their spiritualness, too. Patricia’s talent is just so very fascinating and beautiful. Ruby Rose is absolutely stunning! ~ Brenda Fritz❣️ 💜