Self-Care with Sacred Cacao

About a year ago, I had what I’ll call my first attention to sacred cacao (not cocoa) through a video I watched.  It was like a door was gently being opened a wee bit.  I felt there was a beginning of a link to my spirit and cellular memory.  It wasn’t until about a month ago that the door was completely wide open into my attention.  I immediately took action and started my journey with preparing a sacred cacao drink and creating my own sacred cacao way.

When I started, I didn’t know too much about cacao other than it called to my heart and soul.  Since then I have learned that it is referred to as a superfood plant medicine due to many health benefits.  Some of the benefits are from lower blood pressure to preventing cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.  The official name of cacao is Theobroma cacao which means food of the gods. Cacao has had a long celebrated history of the Mesa-American and South American Indians for its curative properties.

As I lovingly sipped on cacao, I felt a peacefulness come over me.  However, what profoundly got my attention with cacao was sensing a deeper alertness to that wiser part of myself.  It felt like an energetic pathway was connecting to my heart.  I then sensed a strengthening and deepening to that special place within. I also had a pad and pen ready for messages from that deeper place.  To my surprise, every day I have received such enlightening messages and guidance.  

Sometimes I will set an intention like feeling centered, opening the heart, or bringing forth the qualities of my inner self.  Plus, I found it is essential to purge or let go of things that no longer are needed. It is also important to imagine and to act as if it has already happened sensing the emotions around that. 

Then there are other times I will write a question or a thought in my pad and leave room for the answer/insight to come.  I was so honored to have received a message about the animal kingdom and how I could bring about a deeper connection with them.  Also, my cat, Thomas, occasionally will snuggling up in my lap during my sacred cacao time.

What I came to realize is that cacao will fuel your intentions. This can be so helpful especially since we are ending/coming into a new year when many will be reviewing/establishing resolutions!

Welcoming sacred cacao in my life has enhanced this special time with myself and I am super grateful for that.  Most of all, I feel it is so essential in creating that special quiet space whether it be with sacred cacao or your own way. Ultimately, it will begin or deepen a journey to the amazing, magical, powerful, true person that you are.

Love, light, and happy new trails in 2021 and beyond!


p.s. I also experienced cacao linking me to the Mayan culture.  The Mayans revere cacao to this day and I do feel a connection to their ancient, spiritual cacao way.

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