What’s Within My Power

I recently became aware of a growing perspective. It all started when I heard my deeper knowing self remind me to protect and pull in my energy field. The message came about to help me through a health condition I had earlier this year (read more here).

As I reflected on the message, it reminded me that life presents things within my power and those beyond my power. It helped me to fine-tune this practice when working with myself and others. So here are some of the things within my power:

Pray and send love, light, healing energy for support – I have a list of people/places/events that I energetically place in a field of unconditional love. Unconditional love has divine intelligence and knows what is for the best. Then I let it go and do my best not to worry.

Call upon divine beings for assistance – These can be your spirit guides, higher self, Masters, Angels/Archangels, God/Creator, etc. I usually call in my deeper knowing self and recently new spirit guides have appeared to help me along the way.

Do quiet, meditative time for balance – This is my #1 thing to do to keep myself balanced. I’m taking extra time (as guided) to do a deeper meditation. I also do some deep breathing, chanting, or a quick energy management tool if time is limited.

Practice discernment/setting healthy boundaries for self-care – Both are a work in progress based on one’s life situation. It’s paying attention to your behaviors/thoughts and those around you. Then it’s changing/setting boundaries to bring about better personal care. For these situations, I check in with my deeper knowing self for guidance.

Donate time/funds to worthy causes/organizations – I have donated my time and funds mainly to animal rescues and causes. Just be sure that where you donate is reputable and that the funds support those in need.

Finally, I protect and pull in my energy field (thank you, deeper knowing self!!!). I then trust and surrender to the love of the highest power of the Creator.

I’d love to hear how you have worked within your power or how you have struggled with that. May we all continue to embrace working within our power for the well-being of ourselves, our family, friends, pets, and the world.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I struggled to sense what would be an appropriate picture for this blog. Then in a flash, the image that came to me was the solar plexus chakra…the seat of your personal power.

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