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The reading with Patricia and my beloved cat, Chas, was very accurate.  Patricia was able Chas2to tell me exactly what was going on in her body and let me know what she would show me to tell me she was ready to go. I feel so blessed to have this information as I don’t want her to suffer and don’t want to miss any time with her. I would highly recommend a reading with Patricia given her accuracy and her compassion for the pet and the caregiver.  Thank you from my heart                                                                

~ Mary Robertson

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I could feel the truth behind my Sweet Hearts coming through you.  I really want to be knowingly connected with her day by day even if it is just with her soul form.  Feeling her soul, lifts my spirits so I can see how this can truly heal my heart.  You have really helped me on my journey…..this was a sweet meeting with my Sweet Hearts.  I would like to recommend you to some friends and family so they may be helped also, through their beloved animal family that have departed.  Blessings abound upon your powerful work, Patricia.

~ Aya Horne


Receiving the message from Carmen was completely helpful for me and at the perfect timing, too. I trust Carmen and know that she will help me to continue to grow and strengthen my ability to stand in the I Am That I Am.  Carmen went to a lot of effort to get this message through to me.  I really appreciate how she found you and delivered you to not only me, but to my sister as well

You are very gifted and your heart is very pure, Patricia. Thank you for how much you have helped me and for the service you give and for those who would be ready to receive it.  All love and complete blessings to you on your evolving journey.

~ Julie Miller


PatriciaAC Tucker has such a loving and gentle spirit.  Over the years, she has honed her skills to connect in a special way with animals and people.  Her readings for my dog, Tucker, have always been helpful, insightful and meaningful.  I have called many times in need of guidance or insight into Tucker’s well-being and her connections have offered great benefits for my wonderful dog and myself.  In a recent reading Patricia has helped me to become more aware of the lessons Tucker is here to share with me. This will help me to be more observant of Tucker and how he is helping me.  I have complete faith and trust in Patricia’s readings and intuition so I have no hesitation in recommending her to family and friends.

~ Kim Chism

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BaxterWhat an interesting session! I’ve never done anything like this before, but I was amazed at how accurate Patricia’s insights were. Baxter loves to run and literally runs with my husband all the time. The message that Baxter had for me was that he and I needed to go on more walks together and stop and indulge in all the smells along the way. When I have time this is exactly how he and I walk. Patricia sensed that Baxter was concerned that I need to take this time. I also asked how I could help him through fireworks and thunder – his reply was to ask if I could make them stop. A perfect solution if only I could do that, but we are trying another solution that Baxter agreed with. I’m way too busy, but I hope this session continues to encourage me to pay more attention to those I love – and to go for a lot more walks.

~ Bonnie Weaver

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2C2C43A057B34C2AA81D26163721404FI was so excited listening to Patricia throughout the reading with my cat, Pharaoh.   I was smiling the whole time as she was sharing with me the messages she was receiving from Pharaoh because everything she said was so true.   Pharaoh’s message to me was to slow down and take time out for myself.  Do some meditation.  He is so right. Pharaoh follows me around like a dog would. He gives me a look and meows as to say, “Hello, stop.”, which I do at that time. Pharaoh is also helping me to get to a deeper level in my own spiritual journey with myself.   This is so important to me since at this time I am taking classes in helping me to do just that.   Patricia has such a fun-loving personality and I just love listening to her as she communicated Pharaoh’s messages to me and I would definitely recommend her to others.

~ Dawn Lambert