The Earth Keepers Speak

One of the things I do when going into my cacao time (see more here) is to honor the four directions and the elements. During that practice, I give thanks to the mountains I live in and to a magnificent mountain called Jicarita Peak. It towers 12,835 feet above sea level, and I can see it from the back of my home.

Recently as I was doing this, Jicarita Peak appeared suddenly in my mind’s eye. Then, I energetically traveled swiftly to a deeper part of that mountain. I began to see a group of beings that seemed semi-invisible except for the illuminated outline surrounding them.

Then, three of them came forward, and the illuminated areas seemed to brighten even more. The first thing I heard was them thanking me for honoring the sacredness of Mother Mountain where they live. I found out later that these beings are called Earth Keepers.

The next thing I sensed was the middle Earth Keeper relaying a message to me. Here is what I heard them say, “We hold great wisdom and knowledge within our beings. We have been here from the beginning of time, evolving and growing in our depth of wisdom and knowledge. Animals, plants, and the like communicate with us. They know our wisdom and knowledge and they want to share this with you.”

Then the middle Earth Keeper moved closer and continued by saying,
“We know all that has taken place on this earth. It is held in the heart of Mother Earth just as there are imprints within your being. Mother Earth knows all and wants to share her wisdom and blessings. We are here to help with that process. We are here to bring this knowledge into your heart with unity, love, and to bring the new earth into being. Ancient are we and the depth of our knowledge and wisdom is for you to feel, see, and know. Open your mind and heart to all the beauty of your sovereign, spiritual self. We now depart with sending the blessings of the earth to you and those who are reading this.”

Then the three, in unison, blew glittery, golden-brown dirt towards me. I then realized that the glittery part was crushed gemstones within the dirt. I didn’t feel soiled from the dirt. It felt more like an energetic kind of unique dirt.

As I took in the astonishing message of the Earth Keepers, I was totally humbled and in awe. Even though I have had experiences with the connectedness of our world, this experience deepened that sense of oneness. It also magnified my gratitude and appreciation for the unbounded support available for all.

I put forth the desire to remember the forever oneness I sensed with this encounter with the beloved Earth Keepers.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


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