AC Pictorial Animal Art for Heart

What I discovered in my journey with animals was that they would send me images of how they appear in their surroundings on the other side.  The animals know that I am a pictorial artist and they would ask me to compose an art piece for their human.

To my amazement the animal would communicate special requests as I was composing the piece.  It could be a certain type of background, other animals, items or objects to be placed in the picture.  The animals’ requests tie into messages and/or lessons the animal is helping their humans with. The funniest request I received was from a bearded dragon who requested a fly in the picture because he likes to eat flies.

In addition to receiving request from animals on the other side, I do receive requests from live animals during a session.  Again, as I am composing the piece, the animal may communicate special requests as mentioned before.

The animals, whether here or on the other side, know having an art piece especially designed by them would be a perfect gift to their humans.  It would especially bring comfort after they have crossed over.  Yet a whole range of emotions can emerge from the animal’s specially designed art piece as you can see by the testimonies below.  All art pieces are from animals that have crossed over.

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ShadowThis is so beautiful and perfect! I teared up from a place of happiness, and since then I haven’t stopped smiling as I look at Shadow with those golden wings! Feels very healing, magical and alive. Love the crows too. They’re just wonderful! So much more than I was expecting. Again what a wonderful gift you have.    ~ Sharon Anderson

BooOMG!!  I LOVE this! It so captures her playful spirit when she was young and able to jump and play! It’s beautiful. Thank you, dear one.    ~ Ellen Joseph

Piper’s artwork completely took my breath away!  It’s so beautiful and elegant and serene. I love the colorful flowers contrasting against the gentle green of nature and the multicolored heart on Piper’s collar.  It’s so fitting and a reminder of what a sweet dog she was.  The ball and the sleeping elephant are subtle reminders for my sister to play and get enough sleep.  And the rainbow in the background just adds to the beauty.  It all came together in such a lovely way.  I just couldn’t be happier with it and I know that my sister will be too.    ~ Caroline Lucas


Chas2webThis is so perfect that Chassie would want this. It captures our back yard where we would walk together. The trees are Red Buds which line our back yard and bloom in the spring. The blue birds would come knocking at the back door also in the spring. She was just so special to me and I will forever cherish the connection I have with her. Thank you, Patricia, for allowing your gifts to bring joyful tears and peace to show us we are always connected and Love is always there.    ~ Mary Robertson