What’s Going On with Patricia

I never thought one could be so still that, at times, it felt like time stood still.  Then there was the feeling of being inside the chrysalis where butterflies are magically created.  These were some of the experiences I had over the last 18 months.  

These experiences came about as I felt a significant pull inward.  Along with that came a body having less energy, achiness, heart palpitations, and no desire to do much of anything.  That is why I have not done a blog for awhile, and that is why I have not been on social media as much.  

As weeks went into months, I pondered what was going on.  Was I in some degree of depression or a mental health challenge?  Even though I had not been through anything like this, I sensed it was some kind of metamorphosis.  As I connected with my deeper higher self, it came through loud and clear that this was true.

Then I started a dialog with my higher self for guidance.  The first thing I was to do was to work with the chakras above my head.  For many years, I have been doing a seven chakra meditation.  The other guidance was to eliminate meat.  For me that meant to exclude chicken and turkey.  Fish was ok.  

The first thing I noticed after a couple weeks was the numerous weeks of significant heart palpitations were almost nonexistent.  Thank you!  My energy level was better, yet I tired easily.  Achiness didn’t change that much, yet I felt I was on the right track.  I continued with the guidance given and added anything else that came forth like juicing.  

I regularly checked in with my higher self throughout the recovery and metamorphosis period.  I was very discerning about what activities, if any, I participated in.  This was hard since there were things I would have liked to do, yet the guidance was not to.  

Why am I writing a blog at this time?  It’s because I heard the words coming into my head.  That’s the sign I get to write a blog.  Then I received messages indicating I had accomplished a milestone.  The one that really caught my attention was hearing the words, “the path is now open.”

So I am slowly coming out of this inward period and discovering what the open path has in store for me.  I have found that when I go through something like this so do others!  It is a reminder that we are all one. 

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I am so excited to be sharing a new service that was ‘birthed’ during this inward time later on this month.

p.p.s.  Please know that tests were done for my heart palpitations in the Emergency Room some years ago.  Everything checked out fine. Please do what feels right for you when dealing with a health challenge.

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