We Brought This Cat To You

ThomasGandhiMini-pracpostIt took about a year after moving to the Black Hills of South Dakota for the appearance of a cat to show up lapping up the water from the birds’ water bowl.  The cat showed up mainly in the mornings.  I referred to him as the tom cat.   

One morning as I was sitting outside on the porch, the cat saw me, strolled over, and jumped in my lap.  He immediately stood on his hind legs, wrapped his paws around my neck, and gave me a hug. What surprised me was that I felt no pricking from his claws. 

The cat then found a comfortable place on my lap and took a cat nap.  I then discovered that this cat had no front claws.  My thought was this has to be somebody’s cat.  His morning visits continued over the weeks.

The weather forecast was predicting an overnight rain.  A friend recommended I bring the cat in.  I resisted.   First, because I thought he must belong to someone and second, at this time in my life I needed time to myself.  Taking care of my Father’s affairs after his passing away and putting down my dog, Ginger, had drained me.

So it rained hard that particular night and as I came out to fill up the bird feeder, around the corner of the house came the tom cat drenching and dripping wet.   That was it.  I had to do something.  I got a towel, wrapped him up, and brought him inside.

Still feeling he was someone’s cat, I placed flyers around the town.  As I was placing the last flyer up, I heard within me a distinct, clear voice say, “We brought this cat to you.”  I then said to myself I will give it two weeks and if nobody claims him I will.  I was not surprised when no one responded to the flyer.

So about a couple weeks later, I was reading the Letter to the Editor page where a town resident was warning that stray cats were being rounded up, taken to the dump, and were being shot!!!  My heart sank!!!  I now knew why I was given that message.

To this day, I have such a deep gratitude for this tom cat coming into my life and oh, what lessons he is teaching me.

So when have you resisted signs or messages that was guiding you and what happened to help you to follow through on that guidance?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the picture of my cat, Thomas, (taken from tom cat).  He’s a big boy weighing in at about 16 pounds.  Oh, by the way, his full name is Thomas Tiger True Heart!♥♥♥

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