The Butterfly Queen Returns

To read about the Butterfly Queen’s first visit, go here. She came through the golden portal and walked toward me in a beautiful, graceful way. She had a beautiful gown with golden glitters in the form of flowers. As she lifted her hands to the sky, a multitude of butterflies appeared out of nowhere.

Then, all of a sudden large gusts of winds blew through the area with such force that leaves and dirt swirled up in the air. The sound of the wind roared in a high to medium hue tone. It is worth mentioning that days later there was a tremendous wind storm in my area. It reminded me of the winds in the visitation from the Butterfly Queen. Also, I want to say that I do not believe in coincidences.

As I continued hearing the sound of the wind, it formed words, and I heard this message, “The winds of change are upon the earth.” Then, the Butterfly Queen said, “All in all, know this is a positive change that will affect each individual and the whole of humanity.”

She then shared some of what to observe during this time of change as she said, “It can feel like a foreign state as the change and the transformation process is underway. Things that were important do not have the same attention. New ways and ideas will start to bubble up in amazing ways. Watch for the small changes that lead to bigger milestones.”

She majestically walked over to me, and it was then I noticed a beautiful necklace around her neck. It has the same butterfly that is in her crown, yet I see numerous crystal stones embedded into the butterfly. She then placed it around my neck and said, “This is blessed and empowered with transformational energy. It brings in the opportunity of enhancing and assisting in the transformational process.”

She then placed the necklace around my neck, gently placed her hands on my shoulders, and kissed me on each cheek. She then said, “My gift to all is my services and the assistance of the butterfly necklace.” She slowly turned around, and it was like she floated back into the portal and then disappeared.

As I sat there in awe of her visit and message, I intuitively sensed the importance of staying grounded. There are many ways to do that…through certain gemstones, essential oils, incense, etc. Archangel Sandalphon comes to mind. He is the guardian of the Earth Star chakra that is located below the feet, and Shri Ganesha is the guardian of the root chakra. Here are two divine beings to call upon in addition to the Butterfly Queen. Do whatever feels right for you in staying grounded during these times of change and transformation.

Love, light, peace, and the happiest new year to all!


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