Transformation with the Butterfly Queen

As I mentioned in my last blog on Shifting Into the New (read here), I’m feeling such an enormous amount of energy into a new, dynamic, absolutely magically powerful way.  I also shared many of the wonderful ways support can show up to help.  So it was so delightful when the Butterfly Queen appeared as I was having my sacred cacao time (read here)! Her message is a Universal one that we can tap into for our own transformation.

She appears through a beautiful golden portal with butterflies flying around.   She immediately begins her message by saying, “I am here to help through the transformation process. I have knowledge that reaches deep into this.  Whenever you feel stuck, blocked, or at a standstill call on me.  There are times being like this is part of the necessary way of transformation.  I come from a long line of transformation makers.  I know about transformation.”

As I am hearing her words, she is looking into my eyes and it feels mesmerizing.  I also sense in my heart how wise she is and there is an aura of serenity all around her.  As she continues to speak, it’s like I can feel deep within my being some kind of bubbling activity happening.

Then she holds up her hands and there is a golden twinkling ball of energy that appears.  She tells me it is derived from nature’s element and has the power to assist in transformation.  She hands it to me and I feel prompted to gently rub this all on and around my body.  Then I move it into my solar plexus area.  She then disappears into the golden portal.  Holy goodness gracious!!! If that’s not enough about a week later she appeared again!

So she continued by saying, “Butterfly magic is a metamorphosis that takes place in a way that affects all the cells even down to the DNA.  It is a deep, beyond the mind, transformation.  It is as if you have been birthed again.  Everything feels new and fresh.  It’s also learning through the metamorphosis what is new and how to proceed in the newness.  I am proficient with all of that.  I can help to navigate this new way of being.”

She pauses and then continues her message, “Know when you see a butterfly you see me.  A butterfly brings smiles and ahhs to the human heart. See the beauty of the butterfly within yourself. It brings a touch of magic that the butterfly has now become.

She then blows this golden glitter all around me and says, “This is butterfly magic to enhance your own transformation.  Remember to honor the process and that I am here to assist.”

I am absolutely in awe!

Love, light, peace, and happy transformation trails!


p.s. She did conclude by saying, “So you will do an art piece of me.”  I told her I would surely try as I knew composing her image would be a challenge and it was yet oh so worth it.  Enjoy!

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