St. Nick’s Powerful Gifts and Holiday Sale

I was amazed when Santa Claus came through the golden portal to visit with a sack full of gifts. He then said as he smiled at me, “Please call me St. Nick.” Now, I know not all may resonate with St. Nick, yet I have to be true to how this came through. Please bring forth in your way the power of his message.

He then placed his large sack of gifts in front of me. There were so many of them that they spilled over onto the hillside where I was sitting. What I noticed was these beautifully wrapped gifts were all aglow. I was able to see deeply into the sack, and the light coming from each gift was so bright that it was almost blinding.

He then said, “These gifts are very powerful and the most needed in the world. Each gift has a specific theme and energy to them.” He then showed me all of the themed gifts and each one had a name written on the top. Here are the names I saw:

                Vibrant Health
                Unconditional Love

St. Nick then said, “Place your hand into my sack and see which one of the gifts you select. Then imagine and sense what it would feel like for that gift to be surrounding you and integrating into your body and soul.” He then said with eyes closed, “Now take that same feeling and imagine that surrounding the whole world.” He paused for a moment or two and then said, “In this way, we start the energy that can change our personal space and the world we live in.”

So I closed my eyes and selected one of the gifts. When I opened my eyes, the gift that was in my hand was Vibrant Health! I then opened the gift, and what I immediately saw was a beautiful stream of light. The light had a hue of violet outlined with green with golden sparkles. Oh my, how soothing and healing this energy felt within me. I then took that same feeling and placed it around the earth. As I did that, I felt a movement that was so deep in my solar plexus that felt rejuvenating. St. Nick then took both of my hands as he looked into my eyes and then said, “The most important thing with this gift is that you believe and never underestimate the power of imagination.

He then picked up his sack with the glowing gifts and said, “I’m off to bring these gifts to others. Don’t forget to feel that energy of vibrant health any time you need it and to share it also with the world.” He then gave me a wink as he went back into the golden portal. Goodness, gracious!!! I felt so blessed and so grateful for St. Nick’s message and for his magical way of gift-giving.

So if you would like, place your hand into St. Nick’s sack and share what gift you selected. Also, please share how you felt after opening your gift and sharing it with the world.

Love, light, peace, and happy, blessed holiday trails!


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