Thumper Returns

This happened in a flash of intuition when I saw this post on Facebook of Thumper. I knew he wanted to come through with some more messages (read here his first message). So this is what he shared with me even as incredible as this is again!

Thumper came through the golden portal and sat down next to me. He began to share his message as he said, “Many are thinking about and taking the steps in a new direction and a new way of life. My rabbit ears and nose are like a radar that can smell out and detect the direction many souls are taking now. I am coming back to bring my rabbit medicine of gentleness, hops, leaps, and magic. Yes, magic is like when a magician pulls me out of his hat.”

He paused as he looked up at me with those gentle twinkling eyes of his. My heart melted! He then continued as he said, “There are times to take a hop or two forward for I never jump backward. Then your leaps will be solid as you move in your true direction. Are you not sure what your direction is? Then imagine having ears and a nose like mine. These ears have the power to hear deeply. My nose can smell out the right direction.”

He placed his paw in my right hand and oh how soft it was! He then continued as he said, “Close your eyes and ask a question. Listen sincerely for the answer. You may not hear immediately. You may feel, see, or just know the answer. If nothing comes, ask for an outward sign. Just like Patricia saw me on a Facebook post she knew this was a sign I wanted to bring in more messages. Be sure to sniff out the direction and sense if it smells right for you!”

He gently moved into my lap and cuddled into my chest. I felt stronger as I sensed the power of his love and the power in his magnificent hind feet. He then said, “Happy hopping, leaping to you, and don’t forget to be gentle with yourself! Remember I am always here to help!”

Love, light, peace, and happy cottontail trails!


p.s. I’ve included the message that appeared on the Facebook post from Thumper too.

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