The Pigeon and Hummingbird Speak Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, you can read it here. The next day I was to meet my neighbor to take the pigeon to the New Mexico Wildlife Center. As I entered her front yard, there on the table was the pigeon so beautifully laid out. As I felt, the pigeon had crossed over.

We then decided where would be the best place to bury the pigeon. My neighbor had wrapped the pigeon in a splendid cloth, and she did a special honoring of the pigeon for its burial. I placed dried rose petals that were on my altar on top of the cloth-wrapped pigeon.

As the dirt was covering the pigeon, a clicking sound came as something hit the shovel. My neighbor picked up a rock and then shared with me that it was in the shape of a heart!!! We were so touched to see the heart rock show up, and it now has a special place in my neighbor’s garden.

As we stood there in my neighbor’s front yard, all of a sudden I heard her say OH NO!!! I then saw the distressed look on her face as she focused on the ground. She bent down and slowly and gently picked up a dead hummingbird. I felt both of our hearts ache as the hummingbird was lovingly placed on the table.

As we gazed at the bird, we knew it was to be with the pigeon. My neighbor brought out special ash that was sprinkled over the hummingbird. It was then placed on top of the pigeon. Would you believe that when covering up the two winged ones, another heart-shaped rock was spotted that now has a special place in my yard!

Then through a vision the following day, I saw the pigeon coming through the golden portal, and then right behind the hummingbird followed. They positioned themselves in a way that I have captured in the artwork here. Tears were streaming from my eyes as I felt their pure love all around. “This is to help others feel this love too,” said pigeon!

Then about a couple of days later, the hummingbird came through the portal and gave this beautiful message. “My wings flap faster than you can see. When I fly around you, the sound of my wings is clearing your field. I do not waste time. I work fast and efficiently. My high-pitched tweeting brings a higher frequency. I gladly bring this sound to compliment the pigeon’s cooing.” Then it sweetly tweets as it flew back into the portal.

Then I noticed the pigeon sitting next to me and it started cooing profusely. I felt this harmonic sound envelop me and go into my heart. The pigeon gently flapped its wings and flew back into the portal. Afterward, I felt a peaceful serenity that is hard to describe completely.

Throughout this experience, I felt something powerful was happening. I know how animals (be they here or on the other side or be they our pets or wildlife) will always bring about a way to help us be better human beings. This experience certainly did that for me as they continue to deepen my utmost appreciation and respect for the remarkable animal kingdom.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I am so grateful to have experienced the dynamic nature of this event with my neighbor. I will remember it forever!

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