Thumper Brings Rabbit Wisdom

This was something so amazing and to many probably unbelievable that I’m kind of pinching myself yet for me it felt so real.  As I was sipping on my sacred cacao, Thumper…yes, Thumper, from the Walt Disney movie, Bambi, came for a visit.  I also sensed the messages that were received from him are part of a theme many may be experiencing at this time. So let me share what Thumper’s messages are. Only you will know if it feels right for you.

As Thumper came into my space, I must admit I didn’t think he was for real.  He immediately said to me, “Oh, many do not think I am for real yet here I am.  It is the Animal Daeva that sent me to you just like Cecil, the lion, was sent (read more here about Animal Daeva and Cecil, the lion.)

One of the first things Thumper pointed out was his ears.  He said, “The Disney artist didn’t quite get my ears right.  So I’m showing you another aspect of my ears.”  When I saw his ears the first thing that I sensed was that these ears are like a radar and could pick up on the tiniest of sounds. He said, “I use my hearing to listen closely and it helps me to be more aware. Being a listener can teach you so much.”

Then he went right into his next message as he said, “Be sure you look before you leap.  When I leap I have sensed out the right direction to go and then I go full force with lots of joy.”  He then continued on by saying, “Be sure to check your own feelings.  Pay attention to this and don’t let anyone sway you in another way that is opposite to your feelings.”

What I was sensing from Thumper was he was picking up on an energy out there of impatience, impulsiveness, and hurriedness.  It could be due to the lockdown we have been experiencing and wanting to move out of that.  The way it has come to me is calling it the new normal and taking in what have we learned over the last year about ourselves and our world.  It’s taking those lessons and bringing that into your own true direction.

The last image Thumper gave me was seeing a beautiful field of wild flowers.  Then I saw his rabbit body rise above the very tall wildflowers as he took a leap.  Then he disappeared into the field.  He took these leaps a couple of times with a joyful gusto that tickled my heart.  His last leap he turned around and gave me a wink. He then said to me, “Call on me anytime you need rabbit energy.  I am so happy to help you along the trail.”  

So I’m paying attention to what Thumper’s messages are with listening deeply and being true to my feelings.  Then with gusto taking those leaps with joy in the direction that has recently been given to me.  How about you?

Love, light, peace, and happy joyful leaping trails!


p.s. Thumper asked if I would please do an art piece with him and Cecil together.  Of course, I said yes.  It feels like a joining of that lion filled-with-courage heart and the rabbit joyful-true-direction leap…enjoy!

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