The Pigeon and Hummingbird Speak Part 1

It all started when my neighbor alerted me to a pigeon in her yard that was not looking well.  As I stood by the screen door, I was amazed at how I was able to connect to the pigeon even though I was very tired.  Immediately I heard the pigeon thank my neighbor for her care and concern.  I felt the pigeon was close to crossing over and I also remember the pigeon mentioning to me its feathers.

Then I had a sense to be closer to the pigeon so I walked over to where it was.  The next thing I heard completely surprised me. The pigeon asked me to take it to the New Mexico Wildlife Center.  I thought how strange since I was sensing the pigeon was about to pass.

My neighbor didn’t feel this was the way to go and expressed it emphatically.  I then questioned was I hearing the pigeon’s request correctly since I was feeling so tired.  Going to the Center was the farthest thing from my mind yet the communication from the pigeon came across so clearly.

I stood there with the pigeon for a minute and then felt I had to be in my place and space to center myself.  It was having my sacred cacao time that helped me to be clearer about the pigeon’s message. 

Here’s what I heard the pigeon tell me.  “I am in your heart and I speak to your heart from my heart.  I want to help my wildlife friends so take me there and tell them about the fundraiser group.  Do not be concerned if I cross over after you take me there.”

Ah, I now see why the pigeon wanted me to take it to the Center.  It knew I am a member of a group of animal communicators that volunteer their time to help raise funds for animal rescue and welfare organizations.  It wanted me to have this kind of connection with them through the pigeon.

A couple of hours had passed when I got a box ready to transport the pigeon and then went looking for it in my neighbor’s yard.  I could not find it.  Since I could not find it, I just went with the flow and sensed that some other series of events were to play out with the pigeon. Amazingly my neighbor called me to say she changed her mind and contacted the New Mexican Wildlife Center about the pigeon yet it was too late to take it there. We agreed to meet early the next morning.

The next day prior to our meeting in my sacred cacao time, I saw the pigeon fly out of a golden portal to sit next to me.  I had a sense that the pigeon had crossed over.  

The message of the pigeon came forth like this. “I’m here to impart a message of love.  I bring people together with my love for them.  My cooing sound is the sound of the heart.  If you listen closely you will hear your heart make this sound.  There are many of us so we can help the human heart to ‘coo’ as we do.  Much like a cat purr is automatic, your human heart is also that way with a cooing sound of love and compassion for yourself and others.  This message I bring with joy and thanksgiving.  Yes, thanks for giving you all my love that is unconditional.”  Then the pigeon flies back into the golden portal.

As the pigeon flies into the portal amazingly its wings formed into a heart shape. The color of the pigeon caught my attention as it transformed into a beautiful glowing pink hue.  The unconditional love I felt coming from the pigeon brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart.

Wait! There is more to this story as you can see that there is a hummingbird that also was part of the series of events that started with the pigeon.  I’ll be sharing more of that story in Part 2.  (Click to go to the rest of the story.)

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


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