Shifting Into the New

Is anyone else feeling this energy that is bringing on a completely new direction, new projects, new insights, new awarenesses, new perspectives???

As I reflected on this, I came to realize this has been coming on for the last six months yet the last couple of months it has intensified.  It has materialized with being more introspective, having less energy (like walking through molasses at times), and then feeling more energized vibrationally.  All of this has kept me in a “try to go with the flow” mode. 

What came next was being given what that new direction is.  It brought on excitement and then apprehensions. What I’m going to be sharing is how I am dealing with walking through these feelings especially the apprehensions.  Hopefully, it might be helpful to you too. 

First, I spend each day in a quiet, sacred cacao time (see Self-Care with Sacred Cacao to read more).  This is the number one thing that is helping me to walk through any type of apprehensions and to feel the excitement for the new direction.  I have received an enormous amount of insights and support from my spirit guides, angels, soul family, family members/animals that have passed on, and from God/Creator/Source/Universe.  All of this is reminding me that I do not have to do this alone!

Second, I become watchful for signs that support what I have received.  I’m amazed and at times totally astonished by the signs that come forward to help along the way.  These signs can come through books, pictures, movies, TV programs, songs, social media, flashes of insights, dreams, and through other people, etc.  I also set my intention and request that these signs be very clear.  

Third, not only is it exciting to bring in the new, it is also beneficial to release the old.   I recently discovered a technique called energy psychology. which is helping me to release untruths and to empower the truths of my being.  I’ve adapted some of the techniques to what feels right for me.  If you have an interest, look it up and see if it might be helpful for you.

Fourth, is to have my spirit team help me deepen the trust/worthiness/openness in what I have received.  That can be asking them to send me those signs, deepening my intuition, and opening my heart to receive and trust. 

Fifth, I always give a super, big thank you to all the help I am receiving.

What all of this is helping me to do is to look at this new direction as an adventure.  It is a discovery into new territory, new way of being, new way of adapting, and I’m sure as I continue on much, much more!

Love, light, peace, and happy new trails!


 P.S. Right now it is not time to share what the new direction is.  That will come later.

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