Cecil, The Lion, Speaks

Through guidance each morning, I have come to open up my special, protected space for whoever or whatever wants to come in during my sacred cacao time.  Recently, I had a most magnificent male lion with such an attractive golden mane and coat show up.  

He came to the center of the space and then plopped down on one of his sides.  He then immediately began to roll on his back swaying from one side to another as he pressed his back into the ground.

Ah, I thought he is continuing the message I have been receiving to connect and sit on Mother Earth.  This guidance has been coming through enough times for me to immediately sense what was going on here.  What also came through was that the Cat Animal Daeva (click here to read about this) sent this lion to me.  

As is my habit, I asked the lion what was his name.  I heard the name Cecil immediately.  OMG!!! Is this the beloved Cecil that received worldwide attention for being illegally killed in 2015 in Africa? I knew in my heart that it was.  

I asked Cecil if he had a message he would want to share.  I heard him say yes.  He then said in a deep slightly growly voice, “As you can see I am a lion and I bring lion heart healing medicine.  Now, look deeply at my chest.  Can you see my heart that shines there?”  As I focused in that area the most illuminated, radiant heart came into my sight.

I then saw and felt his filled-with-light heart beam into mine.  Teardrops flowed from my eyes as I felt a deep, powerful energy soothe and comfort my heart.  He continued by saying, “I want to share this lion heart healing energy with others.  I want to remind them of their own lion heart energy.  It is this energy that will help strengthen them.  It will help them take the next step in their life.”

He then asked me to share his message and to bring an artistic style into a picture of him.  He then ended by saying, “I am Cecil, the lion, and I bid you  lion heart love medicine from my heart to yours.”

I cannot fully express how honored and humbled I was to have Cecil, this most auspicious lion being, come into my space and share his message.  I hope I was able to capture his desire for you to feel his lion heart healing energy.

Lion heart love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. my goal is to have this art piece of Cecil printed out, framed, and placed on the empty wall in front of my computer.  I was wondering what was to go there after the picture that was there fell down.

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