The Cat Animal Daeva Spoke

I’m sure we have all experienced our animal getting startled when being close to us and through their swift motion have received scratches, bites, and bruises.  I know I have experienced my share of these kinds of things from my cat, Thomas.  So when I got such a bang (right between my eye and nose) from his swift startling motion, it so triggered me into a sad, mad place.  It provoked me so much that I didn’t even want to look at him and I ignored him. Also, the pain I felt didn’t help the situation either.

Even though I knew he didn’t mean to do it, that didn’t matter.  Even knowing that this was a way of learning more about myself, that didn’t matter.  The emotions completely took over any kind of reflection.  It’s so challenging for me to even share how I reacted for my Thomas is such a loving cat yet I want to be completely transparent about how I felt.

So the next day I still was in my not-so-happy place with him and as is my daily routine I went into my quiet, meditative time.  Almost immediately I felt a super-powerful energy coming towards me. It felt like a wave that eventually washed over my entire body.  Then I heard these words…he’s here to help you.  I knew immediately from a previous experience that this was the Cat Animal Daeva.   I felt the enormous energy of this daeva washed away any of the pain, hurt, and anger I was feeling.  Tears fell from my eyes as I went into a deeper understanding of the support that Thomas brings into my life.

So what is a Cat Animal Daeva?  In essence, all animals have a daeva for their own kind.  You can think of an animal daeva as an oversoul and their purpose is to help humanity evolve their souls.  An animal daeva has the ability to speak on behalf of the whole species and they know the challenges they face. They also understand the overall actions with humans.  Also, to be in contact or connect with an animal daeva requires a reverence.  One has to be really in the zone for being in their presence is an honor.

To say I was in awe of this experience is an understatement.  I felt so humbled by the Cat Animal Daeva presence that it left me with such a deeper respect for the animal kingdom and all they are willing to do for humanity to help us be our best.

Love, light, and happy trails!

p.s. I didn’t think my love for Thomas could go any deeper yet it did through this experience.  I am so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life.  Also, the Cat Animal Daeva image was selected as it felt like a white light of energy.

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