What is the Purpose of Life & Special Discount

One way blog topics come to me is through some experience. I also have found that ideas for topics come when I’m in a quiet, meditative time.  So when the idea came to write about the purpose of life, I was daunted.  My first thought was there are so many ways to answer that question. Then I was reminded that early in the week, I heard that question posed on a video I was watching.  I was also being reminded I felt an answer come from within me after I heard that question.  

One thing I have come to try to do is to follow those answers that come from within. Here is what I felt and said out loud to that question.  What is the purpose of life – it is to love yourself and to love one another.

One thing I have noticed in many of my animal readings is the animal’s lesson to their human is to take better care of themselves (which is also a lesson for me too).  And the animals know and I really do feel we know that in order to love others, it is so important to be gentle, loving, and caring with ourselves.  The next word I heard after that answer was the word balance.  The feeling that came along with that word was how important it is to take care of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

That got me to look at my own life and where could I improve on loving myself.  One idea I already have integrated each morning is to cherish a cup of sacred cacao in my quiet time. I’ll share more about that in a future blog. One area of my life I could do better with is to incorporate some kind of gentle exercise of my body. I keep hearing to keep it simple and easy as you work with yourself in this way.

So what do you feel the purpose of life is? Spend some time with yourself and allow that question to go deep into your soul.  The answer may come immediately or not.  Be observant as to how does it come. Perhaps it may come through a feeling, a thought, a knowing sense, or through a conversation, a book, a song, etc.  My feeling is that wherever you are in your tree of life, the answer may come to help you in that moment. Also, your animal companion(s) will so enjoy you doing this for yourself too!

Love, light, and a happy, safe, and blessed holiday season! 


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