The Animal Kingdom Peace Call

I have been doing a monthly blog/newsletter post yet in my recent meditative time I heard the Animal Kingdom speak to me.  They wanted me to share a message they have for us.  So through this additional blog/newsletter this month, here/hear is what came forth.

They are asking humanity to do everything they can to find the peace that is within themselves.  They are acting as a buffer for us.  They are very much aware of all the strife within us and within our land.  They will take on whatever they can to depressurize this. Their unconditional love will go to no end to support us even if it comes to their departure from this earth.

So they want us to take the time to discover, find, deepen, and connect to the peace within and to be a beacon of peace.  They tell me that we have the support of the Animal Kingdom and so many more that are working to restore the principles of love in our world.  Go in peace, walk in peace, be peace, our beloved human souls.

I do not have the words to express the unconditional love I felt through this message. It goes beyond words.  I am humbled by their unrelenting support and love for us that tears are streaming down my face.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


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