New Service – Mystical Art – Special Discount

I’m announcing a new service called Pictorial Mystical Artwork and a special discount on my all services from 3/17 – 4/5.  It was Davey O’Rourke, the first pictorial mystical portrait of a lucky leprechaun, that requested this and I am so happy to oblige.   To see Davey and how this new service came about go here. The special discount link can be found on this page too!

Love, light, peace, and happy lucky trails!


What’s Going On with Patricia

I never thought one could be so still that, at times, it felt like time stood still.  Then there was the feeling of being inside the chrysalis where butterflies are magically created.  These were some of the experiences I had over the last 18 months.  

These experiences came about as I felt a significant pull inward.  Along with that came a body having less energy, achiness, heart palpitations, and no desire to do much of anything.  That is why I have not done a blog for awhile, and that is why I have not been on social media as much.  

As weeks went into months, I pondered what was going on.  Was I in some degree of depression or a mental health challenge?  Even though I had not been through anything like this, I sensed it was some kind of metamorphosis.  As I connected with my deeper higher self, it came through loud and clear that this was true.

Then I started a dialog with my higher self for guidance.  The first thing I was to do was to work with the chakras above my head.  For many years, I have been doing a seven chakra meditation.  The other guidance was to eliminate meat.  For me that meant to exclude chicken and turkey.  Fish was ok.  

The first thing I noticed after a couple weeks was the numerous weeks of significant heart palpitations were almost nonexistent.  Thank you!  My energy level was better, yet I tired easily.  Achiness didn’t change that much, yet I felt I was on the right track.  I continued with the guidance given and added anything else that came forth like juicing.  

I regularly checked in with my higher self throughout the recovery and metamorphosis period.  I was very discerning about what activities, if any, I participated in.  This was hard since there were things I would have liked to do, yet the guidance was not to.  

Why am I writing a blog at this time?  It’s because I heard the words coming into my head.  That’s the sign I get to write a blog.  Then I received messages indicating I had accomplished a milestone.  The one that really caught my attention was hearing the words, “the path is now open.”

So I am slowly coming out of this inward period and discovering what the open path has in store for me.  I have found that when I go through something like this so do others!  It is a reminder that we are all one. 

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I am so excited to be sharing a new service that was ‘birthed’ during this inward time later on this month.

p.p.s.  Please know that tests were done for my heart palpitations in the Emergency Room some years ago.  Everything checked out fine. Please do what feels right for you when dealing with a health challenge.

Living with Zen Master, Thomas, and Anniversary Discount

Being a Soul Level Animal Communicator has made me more aware in observing and communicating with my cat, Thomas. It has brought a depth to our relationship similar to a Zen master (Thomas) has to a student (me).

What gives our relationship this depth and richness? It was realizing that we made an agreement for him to be in my life to help me learn lessons and be my best. What makes Thomas a Zen master? He has, along with all in the animal kingdom, mastered unconditional love. He lives in the present giving him access to wisdom.

Recently, I noticed Thomas was throwing up sizable fur balls that left him a bit out of sorts. He started turning his nose up to his food…quite unlike his normal behavior. I did a scan of his body and saw an oval shape gray area in his stomach area. I sensed this was another fur ball wanting to come up for release.

I then connected with him and asked him what would help him. I heard him say, “Grass.” Ah! I haven’t had a supply of kitty grass for him lately. Also, I haven’t brushed him as often…hence the bigger fur balls! So how does this help me, and what is the lesson he is teaching me?

As I reflected on this, I recognized dry brushing my body, which I did a couple of times weekly, was not happening. I also felt that brushing my hair more often would be helpful too! Brushing increases circulation that helps in eliminating toxins. Especially for Thomas, it decreases excess fur that can form into fur balls.

It also came to me that I ran out of an herbal supplement that helps with detoxification like the grass would be for Thomas. The lesson is to be consistent with your healthy practices for him and for me!

Once I brought back his kitty grass and started brushing him more often, I noticed how he began to improve. Also, brushing your pet is a wonderful bonding experience.

I haven’t quite started the dry brushing but it is my hopper. Also, bringing back the herbal supplement along with some supplemental magnesium has made an improvement in how I feel. Thank you, Thomas Tiger True Heart!

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. Do you want to know why your pet is in your life and the lessons they are teaching you here or in spirit? Your pet will use their behaviors, demeanor, and health to bring these lessons to help you.

In honor of Thomas’ anniversary of adopting me (11 years ago this month), take advantage of the SPECIAL DISCOUNT on my services from Sept. 12-16. The reading is to scheduled and occur within a month of this discount special for you! To read about how Master Thomas came into my life, click here.

Feline Lince Felice is Missing!

Last month I was faced with one more bittersweet experience with another of my neighbor’s cat, Lince Felice. If you haven’t read about, feline Molly, and my experience with her crossing over, do so here.

One morning, I received a phone call from my neighbor letting me know that Lince, who is an indoor cat, was missing! My heart sank!!! She went on to say Lince slipped through the door while she was outside conversing with another person the previous evening.

As she asked for my help, I sadly told her that I do not do lost pet readings. I expressed that these readings are so intense and emotionally charged. This can make it hard to connect with the animal. Also, lost pet readings were not part of the certification process in becoming a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

I told her what I could do was to let her know if I received anything from her cat. I also did send out a message to Lince that her human was looking for her. I was sensing to walk through this situation just like I did with Molly.

As I was reflecting upon Lince’s disappearance the following day, I received guidance to connect with my deeper knowing self using my pendulum to ask some questions. Here’s what I received…she was not hurt or injured, still alive, and disoriented. Also, I got she was close by. I then energetically sent out a signal to help guide her home.

Then I was reminded by my deeper knowing self to do a most benevolent outcome (MBO) request. So I said out loud, “I am asking for a most benevolent outcome for Lince’s return. Thank you.” If you want to know more about MBO’s, research Tom T. Moore’s books and interviews on YouTube. I have been amazed at how quickly these requests can work!

Early the following morning while in a semi-sleep state, I saw through my mind’s eye a brief image of what felt like Lince. She was poking her head out from somewhere then pulling it back in.

It was mid-day when I shared with my neighbor this experience, yet I emphasized that I didn’t want to give false hope about the image I received. Also, I did not share what came through from my deeper knowing self since I had not done this before!

As I began the short walk back to my place, I heard my neighbor scream out and call me back over. There in her arms was her Lince Felice!!! She enthusiastically told me how she looked down and saw Lince walking towards her! What a relief!!!

I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that tears flowed and continued most of the rest of the day. I thanked Lince for the lesson she was teaching me. It was to have trust and confidence in the messages and the image I received.

As you can see, it is not only your pet that can teach a lesson. The pets of others can do the same along with wildlife. I now feel more confident in using this way of receiving answers when a pet is missing if needed.

Am I jumping in and doing lost pet readings now? Probably not now. As far as the future, this experience may be a small step in that direction. I’ll have to wait and see.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. The enormous amount of support my neighbor received was so heartwarming after she posted Lince’s missing status on Facebook. I know she shared with me how much this sustained her along with her beloved Molly (in spirit) supporting her with assurance and guidance. Thank you, Lince and Molly!

The Loss of a Beloved Pet

The most bittersweet readings I have had the honor to do is for clients whose pets have crossed over. Through the years, I have received similar questions from clients about their crossed over pet.

Is my pet ok? Do they know I love them? Could I have done more?
Did I do the right thing before they left?

Here’s the beautiful part of the crossing over process. YOUR PET ARRANGES EVERYTHING REGARDING THEIR DEPARTURE. I mean everything – how, when, who is and not with them. Your pet is so connected to you that they know the best way to leave even if it is challenging. How do they know what is the best?

First, they have mastered unconditional love, and because they live in the present, they have access to wisdom. Second, they have an awareness of the agreement made with you before birth to help you learn lessons. It is like having a wise, sensitive, loving angel helping you be your best and be your champion whether or not they are here or in spirit.

One thing that most (not all) clients have expressed is regrets and feeling guilty. Those feelings are normally linked to a lesson. In a reading we can discover the lesson and how your pet is helping you.

Another thing clients have experienced is grief which is different than the regrets/guilty feelings. It is very normal to feel sad or lonely for the loss of a pet, and everyone goes through this differently. It is important to move through this process at your own pace and gift yourself with extra self-care. Here are some things to consider that may help you through this process.

o  Your pet is still connected with you in spirit.  They want to continue their relationship and to continue helping you. Their physical body no longer limits them.

o  Once your pet crosses over, they are greeted by their soul family!  Guess what - that includes you in your spirit higher self being!

o  Not everyone will understand what you are going through.  Do not be concerned and do what is best for you.

o  Before bedtime, set your intention to have your pet come into            your dreams. Know that this could take some time since grieving             can hinder this. However, in our sleep time, we are more open so            keep at it.

o  A Soul Level Specially Designed Animal Artwork has brought               comfort as it brings to life the lesson(s) your pet is                      teaching you.  The artwork is composed along with your pet especially for you.  Also, a Pictorial Animal Portrait is a beautiful way to honor your pet through the services I provide.

o  One more important thing to do is to let your tears come and let them flow freely.

Through your pet’s departure, they are helping you move into a new way of communicating and being with them. By being open to this new way instead of worrying about them, it will bring a deeper, sweeter connection to the pure essence of their heart and soul.

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!