Living with Zen Master, Thomas, and Anniversary Discount

Being a Soul Level Animal Communicator has made me more aware in observing and communicating with my cat, Thomas. It has brought a depth to our relationship similar to a Zen master (Thomas) has to a student (me).

What gives our relationship this depth and richness? It was realizing that we made an agreement for him to be in my life to help me learn lessons and be my best. What makes Thomas a Zen master? He has, along with all in the animal kingdom, mastered unconditional love. He lives in the present giving him access to wisdom.

Recently, I noticed Thomas was throwing up sizable fur balls that left him a bit out of sorts. He started turning his nose up to his food…quite unlike his normal behavior. I did a scan of his body and saw an oval shape gray area in his stomach area. I sensed this was another fur ball wanting to come up for release.

I then connected with him and asked him what would help him. I heard him say, “Grass.” Ah! I haven’t had a supply of kitty grass for him lately. Also, I haven’t brushed him as often…hence the bigger fur balls! So how does this help me, and what is the lesson he is teaching me?

As I reflected on this, I recognized dry brushing my body, which I did a couple of times weekly, was not happening. I also felt that brushing my hair more often would be helpful too! Brushing increases circulation that helps in eliminating toxins. Especially for Thomas, it decreases excess fur that can form into fur balls.

It also came to me that I ran out of an herbal supplement that helps with detoxification like the grass would be for Thomas. The lesson is to be consistent with your healthy practices for him and for me!

Once I brought back his kitty grass and started brushing him more often, I noticed how he began to improve. Also, brushing your pet is a wonderful bonding experience.

I haven’t quite started the dry brushing but it is my hopper. Also, bringing back the herbal supplement along with some supplemental magnesium has made an improvement in how I feel. Thank you, Thomas Tiger True Heart!

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. Do you want to know why your pet is in your life and the lessons they are teaching you here or in spirit? Your pet will use their behaviors, demeanor, and health to bring these lessons to help you.

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