Eagle Spirit Guide and Rescue Fundraiser Event

I have come to experience and know that there are spirit animals available that are here to love and support us. This became reinforced when I was given the opportunity to discover in one of my animal communication classes who my helper animal would be. Since that time, I have been introduced to a variety of spirit animals that are helping me.  

Here’s a little bit more about spirit animals.  First, it is a belief that a spirit animal will choose you and that they are a teacher or messenger.  They come in the form of animals to support you with lessons, protection, wisdom, balance, etc.   One can set an intention to have a spirit animal introduce themselves to you. Then be watchful as to how a spirit animal may pop up through books, movies, songs, dreams, and in a variety of other ways.

Spirit animals have come to me in my meditation time or they just appear in my mind’s eye.  How a spirit animal enters your life and works with you may be completely different than for me.  A spirit animal knows you and will know the best way to help you. That brings me to the most powerful spirit animal that has appeared recently in my life.  

It all began when I visited one of my spirit guides (an ascended master Native American Chief) in my meditation time.  As I entered his hut, on his outstretched right lower arm was the most regal bald eagle I have ever seen.  He quickly announced that this eagle was for me which took me by surprise to receive such a gift.  He then asked me to extend my right arm as he motioned to the eagle to fly to my arm.  

What caught me off guard was that the eagle felt as light as a feather on my arm.  A little pun here but oh so true!  I saw the eagle’s eyes lay a loving look at me that melted my heart.  It then came time to take a ride on the eagle’s back (how wild is this!).  As we flew above Mother Earth, he (I sensed it was a male eagle) showed me how to focus on small details as well as how to focus on the wide vision of things.

All throughout this ride I felt the strength, power, dignity, solidness, a wisdom that was coming from the eagle.  That feeling then started to surround me as I began to feel a part of this magnificent animal called eagle.  It made me think of how America has a bald eagle as the Nation’s animal and how we so much need eagle medicine right now.

As I reflected on this amazing experience, I thought about how I came to experience such things in my life.  For me it began as a desire to know myself and the world around me at a deeper level.  This desire is the reason I was drawn to animal communication. 

Everyday I’m more amazed by how much support we have available to us. There are those times I forget this yet I am reminded by experiences that have me opening my mouth fully with a ‘oh my God!!!’ coming out!

Love, light, peace, and happy trails!


p.s. I asked the bald eagle what its name was and he replied, “Baldwin.”

p.p.s. I am so excited to be teaming up with DAPS to participate in this rescue fundraiser event with 3 other fellow colleagues from the Animal Communication CollectiveTM.  To get more information and/or sign up go here:  https://www.dapsnm.org/

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