Why is Your Animal in Your Life and How Are They Helping You

Ever since I knew animals existed, I had a sense that they had so much more to share with me and all of us. Just look into an animal’s eyes and you can feel their unconditional love flowing right into our heart.  It is that unconditional love that has brought them to this earth and into our lives to help us to be better human beings.  

Prior to coming into this world, an arrangement was made with you and your animal through a soul contract to help you.  Let’s say you and your animal agreed they would be helping you to speak up for yourself.  This can be due to a false belief of not feeling worthy.  You then may have a dog that is constantly barking and is showing you through their barking to speak up for yourself.  Let’s say you have a challenge with always doing for others and not for yourself.  This can be due to a false belief of not feeling deserving.  You then may have an animal that is super loving and caring with you.  This animal is helping you to be more loving towards yourself.

You may be saying to yourself how in the world do animals do this.  Well, the first thing I already mentioned which is their unconditional love for us, and the other is that animals live in the present.  Being in the present, animals are connected to a deeper, wiser, knowing place which we as humans have not attained. Many indigenous people of this earth know this and revere animal beings.

So we can together discover why your animal is in your life and how your animal (alive or in spirit) is helping you. The way that they do this is through their behaviors, health, and demeanor. So many times there is confusion, frustration, and just plain giving up when your animal’s ways are not understood. Here’s where the fun begins as your animal will communicate what’s behind the WHY and HOW!  Once we know this, we can then find out how you and your animal can work together to help you with the lesson they are teaching you. This is how you begin working with your animal at the soul level and it is a team effort.

Now, you may be wondering what happens when you do not take up the lesson your animal is helping you with.  Usually, the animal will step up their ways until they get your attention.  However, by embracing your animal’s lesson, new insights can come about that can transform your life and can deepen that special relationship with your animal.  As you continue to work on the lesson, you may also notice the way your animal was bringing you the lesson will start to curtail.  This is what makes your animal’s heart sing as they have made an agreement to support and help you live a better life!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


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