What the Coyote Said

It’s somewhat normal to see a coyote or two roaming around the area where I live.  So when I saw a coyote prance across the field in front of my place, I took extra notice and the thought I had was how nice it is to see this coyote.  Almost immediately, I heard the coyote say, “Thank you for thinking about me in this way.”  What I sensed was there are those that would not be happy to see a coyote on their property as it can certainly be in their nature to create some kind of problem. 

I then heard the coyote say, “There is a joy in being in this world.”  Oh, I thought to myself…the coyote, in spite of what others may think or their circumstance, is connected to the joy of life.  The coyote continued by saying, “I know how to take care of myself.  I know when to play and to rest.”  Wow, I thought this coyote is really very talkative.  Then the coyote really stepped up their message when I heard, “I am connected to my world where there is a rhythm and by doing this I am at peace.”

As I heard the coyote’s message to me, I immediately felt a warm, gentle, loving feeling envelop around and in my heart.  A peacefulness started to reside where the loving feeling began.  I felt connected to the world around me and the joy of that.  There was such awe at the power of the coyote’s inspiring message and also in how much I felt what the coyote did.  I also feel that showing an appreciation for the coyote brought forth the gift of their message.  

So this is what our animals, be it wild or not, can bring into your lives.  Wisdom so profound that can deepen our relationship with them and our world as they are always helping us to be our best.

Love, light, and happy trails!

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