Advice from Ants

It all started when I had a line of ants around my kitchen sink and counter.  I have in the past immediately sprayed a non-toxic germicide (smothers them) on any ant or bug that invaded my space.   This time I paused and decided to deal with this encounter with ants in another way.

So I made the effort to communicate with them and I asked them why are they in my kitchen.  I heard one single word…cleansing.  What that one word had me do was to really look around my kitchen counters.  I saw where yeah I could do a better job of extra cleaning my kitchen.  So I communicated to the ants that I would do an better job and I told them you could now go somewhere else.  I thanked them for their message.

Ant Psychologist Office

I didn’t see any ants for about 7 days and then they were back.  I then realized that I had not done the extra cleaning that day as I promised the ants and so I committed to them that I would do better.  Again, I did not see any ants for about a week.

Then as I was looking at Thomas, my cat, in what I refer to as his box top palace (the enormous box that my portable washing machine came in was converted to his special place), I saw that there were ants running all over the window seal.  What I then saw was a small amount of his throw up on a portion of the seal and on his tiger print blanket which had drawn the ants. 

I then remembered that earlier that day I saw a small amount of Thomas’s throw up around his eating place. I must admit here that I have found letting his throw up dry a bit makes it easier to sweep up and to wipe up any residue. The ants were not having it for they were there around his throw up too.  I had never had ants show up as they did that day.

So as I was doing the extra cleaning in these areas, I then remembered that earlier in the month I had intuitively received a message about going through my stuff and clearing out things no longer needed.  I linked up that message to the ants’ message of cleansing and saw how they had a similar theme.  I also have found in the past when there are messages of clearing/cleaning out that something new is wanting to come in.

I am now taking an extra look at my space and starting a plan to do that extra cleaning and clearing out.  Who would have thought that it would be the advice from ants that would really bring that message home!

Love, light, and happy trails!


p.s. I have to say that the energy in the areas that were extra cleaned felt so much better! Also, I’m taking that message of clearing/cleaning out and applying it to working internally with myself as I feel the advice from the ants applies to all levels.

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