The Power of Roses

Mom and Roses2OPprintIt has come into my attention that there appears to be a theme presenting itself that involves my parents who have both passed on.  In the month of May I was intuitively prompted to post on Facebook this art piece of my Mother to honor her on Mother’s Day.  I created this piece from an image that came to me in a vision a couple of years ago,  Then, in the same manner, I was prompted to post this picture of my Father in honor of Father’s Day.  Roses are the theme.Dad and RoseI2

So early last month I was guided to use rose essential oil and water which I applied daily.  I felt it was to bring about an opening of my heart.  I noticed the scent brought on a soft gentleness and peacefulness to my being as I felt I was embraced in a compassionate cocoon of love. By the way at the time of my parent’s passing over, I did set an intension for my parents to come to me whenever the time was right and we would talk.  I intuitively sensed that the power of roses was preparing me for whatever was to come. 

So earlier this month a most remarkable event happened where my Father came to me in a vision and asked for forgiveness.  He went onto say that he didn’t have the understanding of how important it is for a daughter to have a true Father.  What I sensed he was referring to was the inconsistency of his emotional support as I was growing up and there were times mainly as a younger man he didn’t always have maturity in his actions. 

He then told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me (which he never said to me when he was upon this earth).  He continued by stating that he would be here for me as I go through this journey of healing.  He ended by saying how much he wanted to communicate this to me now.  I then expressed my appreciation for his kind words to me and that he did the best he could given his understanding at the time.  I knew deep in my spirit this was a HUGE happening as I felt a soft, soothing sensation in my heart.

Since that time, I have been observant of how this event may change me and I will continue to embrace my Father’s words to welcome the healing that it will bring forth into my life.  One thing I have noticed is that there is a lightness in one of my chakras that has a Father theme.  Thank you!

Even though this was not the first time my Father has come to me, this event felt so much more monumental than other times.  I have observed and sensed there is a timing that cannot be pushed to these kinds of events.  As I write this, I am now hearing the word patience as one walks through any kind of healing.  It will happen in its own good (God) time and for that, I am patiently grateful.  I also have a deep appreciation for the power of roses and how this divinely intelligent Universe works.

Love, light, and happy healing trails!


p.s.  My Father did come from an underprivileged background and it still amazes me how hard he worked to provide for me and the family.  In many ways he was self-taught yet took advantage of educational opportunities to improve himself.  He was also frugal yet generous at special times and had such a wonderful sense of humor that I cherish to this day!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Roses”

  1. Wow!…what a beautiful piece….I only wish I could have a visitation from my father like you  got & receive words like you received from your father……it has been my wish since he passed away in 1969. Maybe some day I will get that love & acknowledgement for my achievements in this life as well. From your description of your father they both sound very similar in ‘being’ especially both coming from impoverished upbringings.Hope you are well & they we can see each other soon!Love,Ellen

    1. Thank you, Ellen, it was a most amazing experience. It just goes to show how even when our loved ones have passed on that there can be a healing experience. It doesn’t have to come as I experienced it yet the opportunities do present themselves in other ways. And one has to be open to forgive oneself and others in the process of healing. Wishing you always the best with lots of love!

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