Where is the Real Quiet World?

Quiet Inner WorldMany are now able to either gradually or even in some states quickly open back up from this stay-at-home status.  For the most part, I did fine during this period.  Perhaps it was due to my attitude of going with the flow as best as I could.  Even though I had frustrations with a health situation (see last blog), a remedy did come into my attention which I attributed to being in more quiet time!!! Thank you!!!

What I did notice is that when things started to open up I was feeling a sadness especially where it went swiftly from close to open.  This got me to look into why that was. What I discovered was that I felt as many retreated to their homes, the energy had a quiet feeling to it.   Being sensitive to energies, this felt so heavenly for my soul.

It’s no wonder that even the animals were feeling this and started to roam in areas usually occupied by noisy humans.  And since animals live so much in the present and naturally do and go where it feels good to them, they came out into those more quiet places.

Another thing I became aware of in the astrological world is that there are six planets (there are a total of ten) that are presently in retrograde and will remain that way until the middle of July.  When a planet is in retrograde it is an indication for a more inward, quiet focus.

As I was pondering these things, I came to realize that not only was our quiet world now moving back to our more noisy one but this inward pull of so many planets in retrograde was adding to this feeling of sadness.  This helped me to understand why I was feeling this so intensely.

Our natural world which we are a part of, as are our animals and our planets, will give us clues as to a beneficial way of being and living. I have found in that world there is a wisdom that we as humans for the most part haven’t quite tapped into as have the indigenous people of our earth.  I do pay attention to these signs and do my best to align with that rhythm.

I also came to intuitively do more meditative time as I walked through this sad feeling.   What I noticed as I continued to do this and to observe that sadness with gentleness and kindness is that it brought me into a better place.  So as we go into full or semi full mode again I am being reminded where is the real quiet world. It is always within me regardless of what is happening throughout our land.

Love, Light, and Happy Quiet Trails!  


p.s As events continue to unfold with the protests going on throughout the United States, the more we can connect to the quiet world within the more we bring that energy into our outer world. Also through prayer and sending love and light to our country and our fellow human beings, we can help support a shift in the energy into a positive way forward for all.

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