Space – The Final Frontier?

Space - The Final Frontier PictureAnybody that is familiar with the original Star Trek knows this is one of the opening lines for this TV series.  It popped into my attention as I was pondering what is happening in our world especially social distancing–expanding or giving space between each other.  I also relate to space as the stillness, the silence, the no-thing-ness from which all comes from.

So in this new way of being with ourselves and one another, we are being given so many opportunities.   The opportunity to give space and to learn how to greet each other differently, to give space to our wildlife population, to give space to our Mother Earth.  The opportunity to give and be with our own space.

This ‘giving space’ is mainly referring to our external world yet I have had a couple of experiences that has directed me to pay attention to the space, the stillness, the silence of my inner world.  This I feel is another opportunity perhaps not as much done in our society and may be considered that final frontier.

So as I had mentioned in my last blog, I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping to cease an episode of heart palpitations. I’m still so grateful for this tool yet I still was experiencing being one or two steps away from another episode. 

I found that movement of my body was not my friend. Even talking at times could trigger going over the edge…so for the last six weeks I’ve been relatively still.  Even though I intuitively knew that this outer stillness was a reminder of connecting to my inner stillness, there were times I was very frustrated.

Whenever that came upon me I tried my best to accept what is and go into this feeling of frustration.  I also watched my thoughts and on a daily basis I knew it was important to count my blessings.  This wasn’t always easy to do yet I intuitively felt this ‘extra stillness’ reality may lead to a remedy to this health situation and I am so super thankful that it did.

Through all of this stillness, I was led to include digestive enzymes before my meals.  I was already including natural ways of supporting my digestion ever since I discovered that digestive issues were the main trigger of my heart palpitations yet my body wanted more.  It’s only been about five days of doing this and I can already sense a HUGE difference in my well being!  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart!

Prior to this insight, I had another experience that is even hard to believe yet I feel I must mention it because it was so profound.  During the week of Easter, I had a visitation from Mother Mary.  She appeared in my living room as I was listening to hymns in dedication to her which I was guided to do along with praying to her. 

She spoke not a word as she stood with beams of light piercing through her blue robe and off white dress that formed a glowing globe of light surrounding her.  A total feeling of serenity overcame me as I stood there in awe.

In that silent appearance, I knew this was a powerful reminder to connect to the silence within my own being, to connect to a deeper part of myself, to connect to my soul.  I felt so supported and encouraged to do this as I continued to walk through all the frustrations I felt.  There are no words that can truly express how humbling this experience was.  All I can say is that I am eternally grateful.

I also feel her message was not only for me but for anyone that wants to connect to the frontier of their inner space and I have found how beneficial it is that this be the first and not the final frontier.  For my experiences have shown me that this is the true compass as one navigates through life and it is so much needed especially as we live through these most challenging times that are upon us.

Love, Light, and Happy Inward Trails!


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