The Foxes & their Amazing Fun-Loving Friends

When my brother moved into his house a couple of years ago, he was told that there were foxes that lived around the area.  Occasionally, he had caught sight of them but this particular time when they showed up across the road, he wanted me to see them too. 

So he placed his laptop at the front window hoping I could see them.  He mentioned that the foxes (which included young cubs) looked like they were hopping and jumping around and could I see that.  I only saw some slight movement on the screen.

Then all of a sudden through my mind’s eye I saw an image of a close up view of what was going on with the foxes and why they were hopping and jumping around.  The foxes were playing with what looked like young elf boys!!!  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect to see something like this!!!

As I continued watching, I saw how the foxes and elves were having the best time gleefully romping around.  It all felt so lighthearted, joyful, and just plain fun to watch them at play.

As I shared this with my brother, I intuitively knew that there was a message here for him and it certainly was pertinent for me too!  It was a reminder to feel the lightness, playfulness, and joy of life even when going through challenging times. 

It became even more apparent how relevant this message was when it was discovered that the recent bang on the head he experienced was a mild concussion.   This prevented him from going to work and created a variety of life challenges.   

It’s been a slow process of recovery for him with many ups and downs. The good news is that after a couple of months of rest and a variety of treatments, he was recently given the go ahead to return to work for a couple of hours a day!

I am so grateful for the foxes and elves sharing with me their fun-loving antics and it still amazes me how support can come in such awe-inspiring ways.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the pictorial art piece I composed of the joyful, playful foxes and elves! I hope you can feel the joy beaming from their play!

Fox and Leprechauns2-Recovered

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