Snake Medicine

As I was traveling in our very small town, I saw a car in front of me move slowly to the other side of the road.   As I approached this area driving normally, I suddenly saw a snake in the road and quickly turned to avoid running over it.

Even though I am very afraid of snakes, I knew I had to turn around to get the snake out of the road.  As I pulled into a dirt parking area, I jumped out of my car, quickly walked to be in front of the snake, and motioned to any cars to go around the snake so not to run over it.

What was going through my mind was how am I going to get this snake out of the road.  I then remembered that I had a walking stick in the trunk of my car.  I quickly went to get it and as I was walking back a car ran over the snake.  My heart sank!!!

I watched the snake take its last movement knowing the snake was dead.  With the walking stick, I gently moved the snake out of the road.  Once I arrived home, I felt an overwhelming deep sadness come over me.

As I was going into that sadness, all of a sudden I was transported to another place that had nothing but snakes living there.  I then noticed there were seven snakes that were standing upright looking at me.  Good grief!!!

I then heard one of the snakes say to me, “Don’t be sad. You took the time to help our snake friend. To thank you, we would like to give you snake medicine.”

All at once I was transported back to my home sitting in utter astonishment of this experience!!!  It brought such a deeper awareness of how our animal friends (yes, even snakes) do appreciate the support we give them and are so gracious in their appreciation.

I don’t know if I still fully understand all of the snake medicine that was given to me yet I’m watchful to see how it may appear in my life.  I did notice after this experience that I was less afraid of snakes!

So when have you helped an animal friend in need of assistance and how in any way did it change you?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Here is a pictorial art piece I composed to honor our snake friends called the Seven Snakes.

Seven Snakes


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