My Shoes Know & So Does My Cat, Thomas

Thomas on my shoes brighterJust recently I noticed my cat, Thomas, started laying on my shoes (which he has never done before) so I asked him why he was doing this.  Suddenly I saw a forest form around him.  I knew immediately he was picking up on the recent visit I had to the Carson National Forest.  It all felt so amazingly magical and astounding that he was sensing this from my shoes!!!

Just as I was receiving this remarkable image from him, he then showed me through another image that he was communicating with the elves (yes, elves!!!) that I encountered while I was there.  This absolutely blew me away!!!

Here is how that encounter came about.  As a friend and I were walking along a trail, suddenly I saw through my mind’s eye groupings of elves at the edge of a line of trees.  One female elf slowly walked beyond the trees to where me and my friend were. 

She gave me the feeling that she felt perfectly safe approaching us.  I could sense a deep curiosity in her as she approached me and reached out her hand to feel the fabric of the shorts I was wearing.  She did the same to my friend.  Then she wrapped her arms around the lower portion of my friend’s legs and afterwards she placed her hands on the top of her sandaled feet.   

Finally, she turned around and started walking back to the tree line where the grouping of elves remained.  She then slightly turned her head to look back at me and told me to come back again!!! HOLY POINTED EARS!!!

I have always felt that animals are so connected to us and our world in many ways beyond our awareness and this absolutely confirmed that. What it also did was deepened that awareness and reaffirmed that everything has an energy vibration and a story to tell…yes, even my shoes!!!

Thank you, Thomas, for being my master teacher and sharing with me this absolutely profound experience.

So how has your animal companion brightened your day and/or brought about a new or deeper awareness into your life?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s.  By the way, when I asked the female elf what was her name she told me it was Anisa.  Enjoy the pictorial art piece of Anisa and the family of community elves!

Anisa and the Elf Family

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