Airing Out My Dirty Laundry

PalaminaI am very fortunate to have a nice clothesline in the back of my place which I use mainly for hanging out my bedding.  So one sunny day out goes my bedding on the clothesline and I’m thinking how nice it will be to be sleeping on the freshly air-dried bedding that night. 

Just as I was about to take down the bedding, I was so surprised to see almost all the corners were soiled with what looked like dirt.  I’m scratching my head wondering how in the world did this happen.  All kinds of things went through my mind yet none of them could explain how this came about.

What confused and surprised me is the next time I hung out my bedding the same thing happened!!!  Go figure!!!  It took the third time that the mystery of airing out my dirty laundry was solved!!!

As I turned the corner to the clothesline, the horse from the next pasture had one end of my sheet in her mouth waving it up it down.  The minute she saw me she went galloping out into the pasture.  I now knew how the ends of my bedding got so soiled.  What a relief!

Knowing that animals (and they do not have to be your own) are always teaching a lesson, I got quiet and connected with the horse to see what was the lesson here.  What I heard her say is PLAY.  I then thanked her for the message.

Some time later I met a new friend and guess what?  She loves to play games and has numerous board and card games!  BINGO!!!  And now about every week or so we get together and play games.

I’m so amazed and grateful at how our animal friends are always supporting us in being our best and that I’m able to connect with them to hear their lesson!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the picture of the playful teacher of a horse named Palamita.

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