The River Spirit God

embudo-river-spirit-godp-e1553784993982.jpgIt was around the time when the Water Protectors in North Dakota was protesting  against the building of the pipeline.   I so wanted to champion their cause and did send funds in support of their efforts.  I did not realize how that desire would bring about such a deep, profound experience. 

The river that flows through our small town became a perfect place where a blessing of the water ceremony was to take place in support of the Water Protectors’ cause.  I was so excited about participating.  Then at the very last minute I was guided not to go.  I struggled with this guidance as I watched the clock and knew the ceremony was beginning. 

As I sat in my chair gazing out the window, I was trying to sense the ceremony within my being.  Then I saw (in a vision thru my mind’s eye) a swirling energy form in the river by the edge of the property where I live.  It continued to swirl upward until I saw a face form.  I was in awe! 

The completely formed swirling river being streamed from the river to hovering over my rooftop.  The face stared at me intensely as I was wondering what was going to happen next.  Then these words formed out of my mouth, “Go forth.” 

Immediately the river being transformed into a beam of bright water as it traveled swiftly in the sky northward.  Then I see the beam dive into the river where the Water Protectors were.  To say I was in total amazement is an understatement!!!

Even though I have always felt a kinship to our natural resources, this experience deepen my gratitude.  I hope sharing this experience helps you to become more aware of the aliveness of our natural water resources and to come to have a deeper appreciation of how precious our water is to all on this planet.

So when did you struggle with your own inner guidance and what experiences have you had that changed you at a deeper level.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Enjoy the pictorial artwork I composed based on the image of the river being I saw in the vision.  I now refer to this being as the River Spirit God.


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