My Mother Sent Me Spirit

White horse Sue Warner copyAs I sat by my computer gazing out of the front window, I was stunned and excited to see a white horse galloping down the dirt road.  I immediately dashed out of the door just to see two men on an ATV riding after the white horse.

After capture, I saw one of the two men walking this magnificent white stallion right by me.  I made a comment about the beauty of the horse as I felt such a magnetic drawing to the horse at my heart. The one man then confessed that he had not latched the coral gate and the horse went galloping off.

Even though I live in a rural area, seeing a sight like this is unusual yet I have come to trust what I call signs from the Universe.  This one really caught my attention.  I knew my dearly departed Mother was sending me support (she considered white horses to be good luck) as I was 6 weeks away from fulfilling my requirements of being certified as an animal communicator.

And oh, by the way, when I asked the man what was the horse’s name, he said his name is SPIRIT!!!  Just the sound of the horse’s name brought on a deep knowing that I would be certified as an animal communicator (certified in July 2018).  It helped me to relax and just have fun working towards my certification.  Thank you, Mom, for I am truly  grateful for your support through Spirit.

So what kind of signs have you received and what was the message it was bringing to you.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. OMG!!! Soon after I finished this blog I got a call from the my 101-year-old Aunt who I consider to be a bridge between my Mother and myself.  All she wanted to say is that she loved me.  I knew immediately that was a message from my mother knowing that I just completed this blog about her support for me.  What an amazing Universe!!!

p.s. The picture of the white horse painting so captures Spirit’s image and essence. It is so realistic!  Sue Warner is the artist.  Go to her facebook page to see more of her paintings –

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