Cat Medicine

thomastigerthrowupdateAs I reflect back on December, I am wondering how in the world did I make it through that month.  It started off with heart palpitations that started to increase.  I had learned how to remedy them yet I was noticing that what I was doing was not getting the job done. 

Each week they intensified so much so that I ended up in the emergency room and there was not a clue from any of the tests as to why I may be having them.  I was so grateful when I was able to ‘connect the dots’ to another way to remedy this very challenging health situation and started on my road to recovery.

While I spent most of my time in bed, my cat, Thomas, was of constant support as he was close, next, or snuggled in my neck.  This was not his usual habit to be continually by my side. Also I knew it was a good sign when for the first time in about 6 weeks, Thomas did not sleep next to me. I am so grateful for his presence and what I call cat medicine which was so much a part of  my recovery.

Also I was not surprised to learn that there is supportive evidence of cat medicine.  Researchers have found (see video – dated 10/14/18 – on my Facebook page that having a cat can help with heart, immune, joint/muscle, and mental health as well as sleeping better at night.  So how has your animal companion helped you or supported you during trying times?

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


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