It all really started with Harmony!


So how in the world did I become an animal communicator? That was a good question for me to answer for myself and share with all of you. It’s hard for me to remember a time that I didn’t have an animal in my life and I always wondered and wanted to know more about their world.

Then Harmony, a dog of mixed breed, came into my life in my early 30‘s and remained in my life for about 15 years.  When she crossed over, she showed me in a vision where she went to on the other side!  How comforting that was and how awe struck I was with experiencing that!  She has now become my helper animal (assists me in a variety of ways) in animal communication sessions as she brings such a steady, centering energy and dare I say she brings harmony.

As I recently reflected on that experience, I came to realize a door opened to another level of communicating with animals.  After that vision, I gradually started to observe that I could see, hear, and just know what animals were communicating to me and I had two other animal companions show me where they went to on the other side too!

About 3 years ago I started to get strong signs that were all relating to working with animals.  It came in all forms…through friends, a book, emails, and even in a visitation with St. Francis of Assisi.  I felt I was being pestered (in a good way) by the Universe to start on that path with animals.

Then an email arrives offering a talk by animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon, called Animals and the Other Side.  This so intrigue me given the experience I had with 3 of my crossed-over animals that I signed up.  With encouragement from a friend, I decided to register for her beginning animal communication class and continued with classes that led to being certified as an animal communicator in her school program.IMG_2558U

Who would have known it would have taken a couple of decades to bring me to this point in time of working with animals?  However, the Universe never gives up on us with  guiding to the highest and best good for all.  I am eternally grateful for that as it was known how passionate I am for animals.  And it was known how perfect this work is for me and to be sharing this work with others is an honor and a blessing.

Happy Trails and Happy Holidays to All!


p.s. It hit me the other day the synergy of doing my first blog about Harmony and the holiday picture of her is so in alignment with this upcoming holiday season.  I so feel she had her paw in the timing of this.  Thank you, Harmony, for you are a blessing and of great support to me all the way from the other side!

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