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 I so enjoy helping people to hear a deeper part of their animal’s nature that our culture is not as familiar with and that is the soul level of the animal’s being.  There is such a depth of wisdom there that it sparks everything they do, know, and are.  And since animals are so much a part of our lives, it’s no coincidence that they want to bring us that wisdom and the lessons that guides us to grow, heal, and evolve.  In fact, animals have made an agreement with us to do just that as they act as our therapists, trainers, mentors, and gurus. And it doesn’t matter whether they have crossed over to the other side, they can still be teaching us.  Here are just some of the wonderful ways animals are helping us.

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 Are you as fascinated as I was about this?  Then come along on a journey of self-discovery through the wisdom and eyes of your animal (alive or in spirit) as I guide you through their world.  Once you become aware of your animal’s soul level and the lessons it brings, new insights can ultimately change you immensely as it deepens that special relationship you have with your animal.  Let the journey begin–for as you hear your animal, you heal yourself.

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