One Good Tap Deserves Another

So far I have been relatively calm during this Coronavirus event except in one instance as you will find out as you read on. I feel this calmness is due to some inner guidances that I received which has helped me prepare for this current worldwide event. 

First I was guided to strengthen my immune system at the end of last year and the other occurred about 3 years ago as I was guided to pull back (to work with myself) from my outer activities which lasted about a year. This helped me to appreciate less outer and more inner focus.

A main concern of this stay-at-home directive was not going to my bi-monthly chiropractic treatments which has helped to reduce any heart palpitation episodes that may occur.  Around the time of what would have been my next appointment, I started to notice the signs of a potential episode. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been given ways to ward them off and continued to do that for over a week.  Still I’m sure stressing out about it didn’t help because it went into full blown heart palpitations.  I was in distress!

I doubled up on my preventive remedies, called on Archangel Raphael, pulled some Magical Unicorn oracle cards (my spirited animal connection), and sent out a prayerful SOS for guidance.  I felt this nudge to call my brother to alert him about what was going on.

After explaining my situation, he asked me if I had done any tapping.  This is the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) of tapping on your body to bring balance.  I had completely forgotten about this technique as it had been a couple of years ago when he showed me how to do this.

Once I started to tap, immediately I felt a stream of releasing go down my legs.  After repeating the tapping about 7 times I was back to normal.  Hallelujah!!!  I was so relieved and so grateful for my brother reminding of this simple yet very effective technique!

I’ve always felt that this Coronavirus event would bring all kinds of opportunities for humanity (be it big or small) to learn more about ourselves and our world.  So far for me it was being reminded that one good tap deserves another to balance and better health. Stay tuned for I feel there will be more to come for all as we walk through this time of opportunities.

Love, light, and happy at home trails!


p.s. There were a couple of other side benefits I noticed from the tapping yet before sharing about that I want to investigate more about EFT to solidify what I felt.  For anybody that has done tapping I would love to hear how it helped you!

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2 thoughts on “One Good Tap Deserves Another”

  1. Hi Patricia,So glad you were able to help yourself in this time of “house arrest”!I do tapping…( the way I was taught is to tap with a closed fist & tap lightly for as long as you feel necessary on the top of the sternum below the collarbone)…I do it every night to balance myself & to help to put me to sleep…it works!Hope to see you soon!Love,E

    1. Hello, Ellen, that is so super cool how you have used tapping and we know how important being balanced and sleep is. I’ll be looking forward to what I’ll discover as I learn more about EFT. Always a joy to hear from you! Love and blessings, Patricia

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