What’s That On My Head?

My cat, Thomas, loves to sleep at the top of my pillow and even though it may seem awkward it works.  At times he likes to place one or two of his paws around my head and when he is in a playful mood he likes to gently wrestle with my hair.  He also likes to lick and groom my hair which I can only handle for a short time. 

One evening I was dosing off into a deeper sleep when I thought I felt something wet on my head.  At first I thought that I was having some strange dream. Then I realized that Thomas had thrown up a small amount of clear liquid on top of my head.  To say I was angry doesn’t even cover how I felt. It was knowing that there was a lesson in this for me that helped temper my anger.

It took me a while to clean up and settle down to even attempt to try to discover what was the lesson.  I had to reflect on what was going on with me.  I then recalled how I was having a lot of pressure and popping noises around my head.  This is one sign from my knowledge about chakras that some balancing would be helpful.  I had to admit to myself that I was ignoring this and it continued for about a week until this incident.

Then my intuition kicked in along with remembering a similar experience with Thomas that I shared in a previous blog – What’s That in My Shoe.  In that blog I shared how Thomas had thrown up clear liquid in one of my shoes.  This was his way of reminding me to take better care of myself by foot soaking.  I’ve been doing that 100% since he gave me that lesson.

I then came to realize that even though I was doing what Thomas recommended that there are times you need to do more!  Wow, how I could now see how I was resisting that so I stepped up my foot soaking to twice a day.  I must admit that it was very relaxing to foot soak before bedtime and I immediately felt much more balanced.  I also found that I was sleeping better too!

I am now paying more attention to those signs that are nudging me to give myself more self care especially to avoid any wet reminders!  And there is one thing I can rely on…consistency…as Thomas continues his reminders and lessons as to what would help me to feel and be my best!

Love, light, and happy trails!


p.s.  There may be a new awareness coming about from this wet head incident as I noticed that about a week before the Iran conflict situation that the pressure/popping noises began.  In the past my body would become ill right before some of the major challenging world events. It feels like I’m sensing things in my chakras instead of becoming ill so I’m thinking this is a good thing. I’ll be paying more attention to that.  Anyone else have experiences like this?


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