How Strange Noises Bring On A Lesson

It was in the wee early morning hours and I was in the kitchen getting a nice cool glass of water.  All of a sudden I heard a strange noise as if someone is scraping something across the screen door.

I quickly walked to the front door and turned on the porch light.  I looked out the window and I saw nothing.  I felt a bit nervous wondering who or what could have made that noise.  I then turned off the porch light and returned to finish the rest of my water. 

Within a couple of minutes, I heard that same strange scraping noise again.  I became even more concerned because it seemed to be getting louder.  I turned on the porch light as I scanned out the window. I even slowly (and I mean very slowly) opened the front door to get a better look.  Still I saw nothing.

I was about to go back to bed when there it goes again that same noise and now I pondered is someone playing around with me.  The key word here is playing as you will see later in this story.

I turned on the light and peered out the window.  What I saw was one of my neighbor’s feral cats and it was the kitten on my front porch.  I then came to realize that the kitten was playing with the faux teardrop crystal hanging at the end of a butterfly chain that is on my screen door.  I was relieved yet I knew there was a lesson in this for me!

Immediately the thought came that the kitten was helping me to remember to…PLAY!  It’s not the only time I’ve been given this lesson. The horse in the next pasture also had given me this same message. I got the feeling that the horse and the kitten were being a tag team as to who was next to give me the reminder – IT’S TIME TO PLAY!

Just getting that message tickled my inner child and it just happened that soon thereafter a friend and I got together and had fun playing some games.  I’m also taking the time to play with my cat, Thomas, too!

It just warms my soul to know these two critters have my best interest at heart and my appreciation grows deeper for how our animal friends are always wanting us to be the best!  So here’s a reminder to all TO PLAY so your inner child can feel that tickle too.

Love, light, and happy trails to all in the new year!


p.s. I love these adults in the picture playing a game of guessing what ANIMAL they are!  The kitten is watching her Mama getting a nice cool drink…no coincidence here as I was also sipping on a cool drink when I was given the lesson!!!

Playing Adults




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