A Reminder From Two Dogs And A Horse

PalaminaIt’s early in the morning and I hear a constant barking coming from Louie, a poodle dog that is owned by my landlady, over in my neighbor’s yard.  This barking had a frantic sound to it.  I go outside to over see what all the commotion is about. 

As I walked into my neighbor’s yard, I see Clyde (another dog owned by my landlady) had somehow maneuvered himself into the neighboring pasture and was taunting the horse, Palomita. The minute Clyde sees me he dashed out of the pasture into my neighbor’s yard. 

I immediately gave out a holler (more than once) to Clyde to stop this and go home.  I waved my arms to both dogs as an indication to go home which was about a half a block down a dirt road.  The dogs moved slightly down the road yet Clyde was still occasionally barking (as was Louie) at Palomita. 

Then Palomita turns her rear to the dogs and kicks her back legs at them which started a whole new round of constant barking from Clyde and Louie.  I yelled at Palomita to stop doing this and again hollered at Clyde and Louie to go home. 

Then it occurred to me to observe the kind of state of mind I was in.  I have learned that the best way to communicate with animals is to be in a in-the-zone calm state.  So I do a bit of energy management to move into that state.  Then I energetically communicate to both Clyde, Louie, and Palomita a request (also gave them an image in my mind) as to what would be best for all.

Within a minute all barking stopped. Clyde and Louie slowly walked home and Palomita did not kick her back legs at the dogs again.  And I moved from being upset about this whole situation to feeling calmer and overall better.  What a great reminder these critters…some great in size and some small…gave to me!  Animals are always giving us opportunities to experience, feel, and be our best!

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s. Also Palomita told me that since she is a lone horse in the pasture that she has to take on the responsibilities of key members of the herd.  I then intuitively knew she wanted me to learn more about how horses worked together in a herd.  I also have found that you can request an animal to do something yet they still may not do what you request.  This time they did and I thanked them all for that!


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