A Chat with the Cherry Tree Queen

I am so fortunate to be friends with a lovely couple who have various fruit trees on their property.  What really got me excited was when I was invited to pick cherries from their cherry trees.  I could feel such a deep gratitude for my friends and for the fresh cherries I would be picking as I approached the trees. 

So up the ladder I go to start the picking process and every time I picked a cherry I said thank you to the tree for its bounty.  The gentleman of the couple overheard me saying this and mentioned that there has been a lot of thanks to the trees for their fruit.

I was delighted to hear him tell me again about the first time he came onto the property and how he heard the trees talking to him.  Then all of a sudden in my mind’s eye I see from inside of the cherry tree a slight image of face.  The face gently makes its way to the surface of the tree trunk where I could see it fully.

I then asked the gentleman friend if he wanted me to share the image I am seeing.  He said I do.  I described the image and then realized that this is the Cherry Tree Queen.  I felt such a wise innocence along with a regal aura around her that I believed something special was about to happen.

After that realization, I sensed such a warm, loving feeling that she had for this man and I told him this.  He then mentioned that he promised the trees that he would take care of them. Then surprisingly he asked me to ask her a question…OMG!!!  I thought to myself.  I have not done this before.  Then I thought let’s give it a try…and so began the chat with the Cherry Tree Queen.

He wanted to know why he has not been able to propagate the cherry trees.  She inquired why he wanted to do this.  He said to share the trees with others.  She responded with do you not have enough cherries here for yourself and to share with others.  She then said that there are so few people like him who will give the kind of care he does to the trees.  I could sense how discerning she is about this and how that is also a lesson she is teaching.  I asked him does this make sense to him and he said indeed it did.

I have always felt a connection to nature yet this most astonishing experience deepened my appreciation for our natural world and all the gifts that come forth through its presence.  May we continue or begin to listen, see, support, and even to wake up to the precious gift of nature and the wisdom it wants to share with us.

Love, Light, and Happy Trails!


p.s.  Enjoy the pictorial art piece of the Cherry Tree Queen.  I sensed sharing her cherries with others brings such a deep sense of joy to her.

Cherry Fairy Queencreen2-RecoveredDB

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  1. Dear One! Wow!…what a beautiful homage to the cherry tree; to the man..(Bob!)..who tends to them lovingly! The pix is beautiful & he says it thinks it looks like ME!…..(maybe I’M the queen after all! ) Thank you so much, my dear friend, for taking the time to record this ‘event’ for our posterity! Love you, Ellen & Bob

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